Monday, September 20, 2010

Cowboys Locker Room Report: Don't Believe the Hype

That's what a number of Cowboys players were trying to tell the media today, doing their best to channel Public Enemy.  Unfortunately, I don't think we're the ones that need convincing of that.

Safety Gerald Sensabaugh brought up the fact that the Cowboys are constantly mentioned in the same breath as this year's Super Bowl.  Receiver Roy Williams alluded to it, as well. 

To that you have to ask - isn't it the Cowboys themselves that are doing it?  Remember quarterback Tony Romo on stage at the Cowboys training camp kickoff party in San Antonio telling fans that he would "See them at the Super Bowl!!!!!".

I totally get it.  He was there to excite a football hungry crowd.  And what better way to get some south-central Texans to go "WOO-HOO!!!!!!" than by shouting "Cowboys!" and "Super Bowl!" in the same breath.

But perhaps the entire team should dial it back a bit.  You have Terence Newman and Mike Jenkins admitting that players don't practice well (cue Allen Iverson) and that things got "let go" in practice.  Is that because the Cowboys believe in this omnipresent hype?

There is an overwhelming sense of entitlement with this Cowboys team.  Frankly, they have it every year.  The consistent lack of discipline in the form of penalties, turnovers and generally sloppy play is a testament to that. 
One player told told that startng 0-2 could be good for this team so that they can keep themselves even keel and "not get too high".   My question, why in the world did think highly of themselves in the first place?
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  1. I agree. I will never understand for the life of me how the superbowl gets talked about on the inside of the locker room.

    that is an outside thing, that is something that fills space in national articles and air time.

    But within the actual locker room of the team it should never be talked about.

    I love this team and the group of guys here, but if this is true and they are entitled that is really poor on there part.


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