Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So Too Much Soda Can Make You Fat...Shocking!

Shocker.  Consuming too much of anything can add extra heft to your body.  The New York Board of Health is expected to approve Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ban on the sale of large sugary drinks in restaurants, stadiums and movie theaters tomorrow.  In theory, it is supposed to help fight the obesity epidemic spreading like warm butter on toast across the country.  People will still be able to get their sugary soda fix.  The plan has flaws.

I think this is ridiculous not so much because it infringes on residents' civil liberties, which you could argue it does, but because it takes away the personal responsibility factor in controlling your health.

I was 50 pounds overweight at one point because I drank Mountain Dew and consumed M&M's like they were going out of style.  No one forced me to eat copious amounts of that junk.  I wasn't fat because it was sold or advertised on television.  I was fat because I chose to eat too much of it.  I promise that when you take personal responsibility for your choices and health, your life will change for the better. 

I digress.

The New York Post illustrates the point about soda and how much the carbonated crap adds extra calories and sugar to your diet by challenging some of its readers.  It profiles seven New Yorkers who gave up soda for two months and collectively lost 53 pounds.  They replaced their usual drinks with tea, water and other zero-calorie beverages.  

For example, Sally Sockwell, as 64-year old Tudor City actress, dropped 11 pounds and claims she saved about $450 in the two months from not buying soda.  Love that!

One 12-ounce can of soda every now and then isn't going to make you fat.  A cold Mexican Coke with a lime is one of my favorite treats.  Three or four 110-calorie cans, or worse those huge 200-plus calorie bottles, a day will.

There are so many great soda replacements: tea, Vitamin-Water Zero, even the occasional diet soda  Need a caffeine boost?  Iced green tea is the BOMB.  Add some lime or mint and you have an bevy of antioxidants in a glass.
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  1. According to the CDC's website, where you can view a copy of the NHANES survey and statistics about increased American Caloric intake and it's link to chronic disease - more additional calories are consumed through sugary foods than sugary beverages. Also, most of the increased amount of sugary food AND beverage calories were consumed in the home, not outside the home at fast food restaurants. Don't blame obesity on the "Vat-o'-Dew." :)


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