Thursday, November 13, 2014

Don't Fear The Decorator! Try Online Interior Design Services

Interior design, online interior design consultation
A photo of my funky seating area, taken with my crappy iPhone camera I sent to Liz.

I have a confession to make: interior decorators scare me. I have marched into locker rooms, delivered commencement addresses, covered shuttle crashes and jostled former NFL players to get a post-game interview but I fear the decorator.

I know I can benefit from their expertise but I am intimidated by them. Why? A few reasons actually. I worry that the process will take months and will cost an arm and a leg before I even walk in the door. I fear they will try to eliminate everything I have worked hard to piece together in my home while charging me a fortune for furniture that should cost a third of the price. Perhaps more than anything, I fear they'll try to make my home something it's not.

I might have found a solution.

interior design, interior decorator, lexington interior decorator
Liz Toombs of Polka Dots and Rosebuds Interiors and creator of Out Of The Box Room Design

Kentucky-based interior decorator Liz Toombs created a phenomenal concept called Out Of The Box Room Design. It's an online consultation service where she works within your budget and your taste to make suggestions based on your preferences. It's kind of genius.

My actual Out of the Box questionnaire

I struggle with my living room. It's a funky layout and, admittedly, our furniture isn't best suited for the space. I filled out her comprehensive online questionnaire and talked to her on the phone. I had to send her pictures of the room as well as some key measurements.

Within about a week, Liz delivered a comprehensive design proposal featuring photos of pieces that would work, instructions and an exact shopping guide. I was blown away.

outside of the box room design lexington kentucky
Liz's instructions and shopping guide

I love this concept. Liz made smart suggestions that were incredibly affordable based on my taste. But to that point, I can use her recommendations as a guideline for reimagining my living room. I can also incorporate them on my own timeline. If I want to add pillows now, great. If I want to do it in three months when they're on sale, even better.

Product suggestions Liz made for my house
This service is outstanding for anyone who shares my decorator phobia and is on a limited budget. I also think it's ideal for someone who lives in a rural area or has a second home in the middle of nowhere. My parents, for example, have ranch in Mineola which is about 80 miles east of Dallas. It's not practical for them to bring a decorator out there from Dallas or try to find one in Tyler. But for them to exchange a few emails and some phone calls? No problem.

Liz's service is incredibly affordable, ranging from $225 for a foyer or hallway to $600 for a kitchen. She also does nurseries. (Where was she when we were designing Jordan's room!). Click here for more information on Out Of The Box Room Design services.

*Design consultation was provide for review purposes. All opinions expressed are mine. 

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