Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Airplane Travel Essentials

Airplane Travel EssentialsSince I started working at Los Angeles duopoly KCBS/KCAL, I have been working in LA Wednesday through Sunday and flying back to Dallas on a redeye early Monday morning every other week to do work for FC Dallas.

I have gotten my travel game down. I have learned (FINALLY) how to pack without checking a bag.  A good travel bag is key. I picked up this Swiss Gear rolling carry-on bag at Target. It's been an absolute gamechanger.  Tumi and Victorinox also make great ones.

No matter where I'm headed there are certain essentials I always take with me on a flight. I have learned through years of road trips covering the Cowboys, Mavs and more that if you fail to plan, you've got a plan to fail on a flight.

Here are my airplane travel essentials: 
  1. Headphones - noise-canceling headphones are a must. 
  2. iPad - again, a must. I keep magazines, books, TV shows and movies on here. 
  3. A Comfortable Maxi Dress - these are a great travel option. They keep you covered while not being too hot or bulky. 
  4. Jack Black Natural Mint Lip Balm - great for moisturizing both on the plane and off. Double bonus? It provides sun protection with SPF 25. 
  5. A Big Tote - my Gucci Swing Leather Tote holds everything you see here...and then some. It's an airplane essential. The Tory Burch York Tote is outstanding, too, and at $295  is a bit friendlier on the wallet.
  6. Keihl's Creme de Corps - Keihl's is the traveler's best friend. You buy one bottle of lotion or an eye cream like their Creamy Eye Treatment and you will score samples galore. They will give you a small bottle of Creme de Corps that is TSA-approved. Just ask. A little of this goes a long way. 
  7. CaudalĂ­e Beauty Elixir - airplane cabin air is so drying, this adds moisture to help your face stay hydrated. This is also a great after-shave for men. 
  8. Eye Masks - I use them and love them. They're essential when trying to sleep.
  9. Toothpaste - I don't need to explain this, do I? The toothbrush is a given, isn't it?
  10. derma e Hydrating Eye Cream - packed with hyaluronic acid to help keep the thin, dry skin beneath your eyes hydrated. 
  11. Hunter Wool Socks - I wear them and don't apologize for it. They keep your feet toasty warm.
  12. Shawl - instead of those skeegy airplane blankets I bring my own shawl. It also serves as my "coat" on trips. I clean after every extended holiday. 
I always bring an empty water bottle to fill when I pass security. If you want a pre-stocked TSA-approved travel bag packed with toiletries, there are some brilliants ones available for both men and women for under $15.

For advice on selecting and packing jewelry for a trip, read this.

What are your airplane must-haves?

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