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An Interview With Exhale Co-Founder Fred DeVito: Why Core Fusion & Barre Classes Are Great For Men

One of the best Father's Day gifts you can give your favorite dad is one that will make him a healthier man.

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exhale's Core Fusion class
I have become addicted to exhale's Core Fusion Barre classes Dallas' Hotel Palomar.  They do a better job of lifting my booty than just about anything else.  There are a few men who take the classes but not many.  I contend guys should consider these workouts for two reasons:
  1. It's a phenomenal way to strengthen your entire body, particularly your core, while gaining flexibility.  
  2. It's a great way to meet girls!  The girl to guy ratio is usually 10:1.  That's why I am dragging my 27-year old brother with me.  True story: one NBA player told me "If you want to meet the hotties you gotta take pilates." Wise words.  I digress.  
Exhale Core Fusion classes were co-created by Fred DeVito.  He and his wife, Elisabeth Halfpapp, are the athletic brains behind the program that is a true gamechanger.

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me and exhale co-founder, Fred Devito

During his May visit to Dallas, he shared the benefits of barre and Core Fusion classes for men with me prior to teaching a booty-kicking Core Fusion Barre class.

"We focus on things in our class that men don't focus on: flexibility and core strength," Devito said.  "Men focus on cardio and weights.  They’re good at that."

"The philosophy is that you’re only as strong as your weakest link in a chain.  If you strengthen the weakest links in your body, your entire fitness level will improve.  You’ll reduce the risk of injuries.  You’ll perform better, look better and feel better."  

"To get there it takes dedication, consistency and commitment.  You gotta work your butt off and you have to allow some time to see results and that’s difficult." 

DeVito suggests signing up the father or sig-o in your life for a class you're not taking. 

"Men don’t want to be in the situation where they’re looking stupid," he admits. 

"Get him to a class you’re not taking because then he’s not worrying about what you're thinking about him."

That's smart.  I'm trying to get not only my brother but also my husband to join me.  I know I'll give them crap for looking awkward while trying to master the moves.  

The Takeaway
In all seriousness, a series of classes, gym membership or session with a personal trainer is a great gift for the man in your life.  Whether he's looking for a change of pace or starting a program, he'll notice an enormous gain in strength, flexibility and stamina by taking these types of classes.

Click here for the latest exhale Dallas class schedule.

Core Fusion Extreme
As for what's next for exhale, they will be rolling out Core Fusion Extreme, a high intensity interval training class in a few weeks.

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"It incorporates station work where they will be five stations.  You’ll rotate around and do 45 seconds of each exercise multiple times. It is a kick ass class.  When you’re done with the stations there’s center core work for balance and stability."

It's a one-hour class that will feature TREX suspension training, plyometrics, heavy weights and sliders.

"It’s all based on our core fusion principles and on working with correct form.  A lot of classes are about speed (i.e. how many reps can you do in 45 seconds).  We’d rather you pace yourself and work correctly so you don’t get hurt and build your endurance and stamina."

Don't have an exhale near you?  You can exercise with one of their DVDs.

Scroll through the selection below to learn more. 

*exhale provides classes on a complimentary basis.  Opinions expressed here are my own. 
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