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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Rangers Dugout Reporter Emily Jones Shares Her Makeup Secrets

That brutal August heat is here. If you're heading to a Rangers game, keeping your makeup from melting is a legitimate concern (even for some guys I know). Earlier this summer, I shared my secrets for sweatproofing your makeup for Rangers games.

Emily interviewing Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish/Image via

Rangers dugout reporter, Posh Play co-founder and mom to adorable Hattie and Henry, Emily Jones McCoy is a true expert. She sits in the dugout, during 100+ degree day games and manages to look camera-ready during every TV hit for Rangers games on Fox Sports Southwest. She recently shared her makeup and beauty secrets that sports-loving girl can adopt.
Monday, June 23, 2014

How To Sweatproof Your Makeup For Summer Baseball Games

Texas Rangers Pre-Game Show
Doing a Rangers pre-game show with Mark McLemore & Blue Man Group
With the weather warming up, if you're heading to a game at Globe Life Park or any baseball stadium sometime soon, there's a good chance you'll leave drenched. And I'm not talking Emily Jones drenched. I mean drenched in sweat from the heat.

If you're a fellow sports girl, that doesn't mean your makeup has to melt and fade as the temperatures approach triple digits.

I have spent 12-hour days in August heat in Arlington and had to go on TV at the END of the work day. Despite sweating my ass off, my makeup was still somewhat fresh. Yours can be, too, by incorporating a few simple tricks. 
Prime Your Face
You should be wearing primer on most occasions. It's an outstanding way to help your makeup last. I don't go full-face-makeup without three primers I refer to as my secret weapons:
Protect Your Face and Body
Wear sunscreen on your face and body. That goes without saying but there are certain sunscreens that just work better than others for your face. I like Elta MD's UV Daily with SPF 40 or L'Oreal Revitalift with SPF 30. If I'm going to wear simply a BB cream or tinted moisturizer, Hydroxatone BB Cream with SPF 40 is my personal favorite. Laura Mercier also does an outstanding one with SPF 20. 

Wear Less Makeup
This is the biggest thing. In the oppressive summer heat, less is more. Don't wear a ton of heavy products. Use a BB cream instead of foundation and perhaps a nice lip gloss instead of thick lipstick. 

Mac FLUID line, mac gel eyeliner
MAC Fluidline
Also, don't wear eyeliner on your lower lid. It is guaranteed to run and give you raccoon face. If you need eyeliner, use a gel liner like MAC's Fluidline or Lancome's Long Wear Gel Liner. 

In fact, go a step further and forgo mascara on the lower lash line, too. I went on TV all the time without eyeliner and mascara on the lower lash line. It's fine, no one will notice. 
MAC Blot Powder
MAC Blot Powder
Also, don't reapply powder with a sponge. Instead use a retractable brush with a hint of translucent powder (I love MAC Blot Powder) and simply run that over your face when your feeling oily. Even better, use blotting paper. A number of TV personalities, both male and female, use these to control oil and shine. 

Get The Secret Weapons Featured In This Story

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Why Quality Counts: A Lesson From a Louis Vuitton Tote

"In this world, you get what you pay for."
Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle 

"Cheap is cheap."
Inez's mother, "Midnight in Paris"

You get the idea.  I am a believer in investment purchases but I hate paying the full retail price for them.  Whether it be a better price on a Gucci bamboo shopper tote, Louboutins for less or Prada for pennies, I've blogged about my love of discounted designer goodies.  But after this weekend, I might just be changing my philosophy on certain items.
Friday, February 15, 2013

Good News: Less May Be More When It Comes To Exercise

At least that's what a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham determined.  According to the results published in Exercise & Science in Sports & Medicine, four workouts a week might be the sweet spot.

The New York Times puts the findings in layman's terms.

        "We think that the women in the twice-a-week and four-times-a-week groups felt more energized and physically capable" after several months of training than they had at the start of the study, says Gary Hunter, a U.A.B. professor who led the experiment. Based on conversations with the women, he says he thinks they began opting for stairs over escalators and walking for pleasure. 

       The women working out six times a week, though, reacted very differently. "They complained to us that working out six times a week took too much time," Dr. Hunter says. 
       Rather, they felt pressed for time and reacted, it seems, by making choices like driving instead of walking and impatiently avoiding the stairs" 

Just from my experience, I've found the less is more approach to be more effective.  When I was training for marathons, I gained weight because I ate more and was so tired that I was pretty much a sloth the rest of the day.  When I exercise too much during the week, say six times, the workouts aren't the highest quality.  There's can be a "going through the motions" aspect to them.

My sweet spot is around five workouts a week with one of those five being a simple power walk with the family.  That's something any of us can do.  The workouts don't have to be long ones either.  30-45 minutes of quality exercise.  I did just that this Friday morning with one Texas Rangers executive before our day began at spring training. 
Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Workout Wednesday: Getting Workouts Done on the Road, Even at Spring Training

It's happened.  I'm multitasking way too much.  I'm writing this blog post as I log an interview with Rangers starting pitcher Yu Darvish following his first workout of the season in Surprise, Arizona.  His is an interview that has a bit of "downtime" because he still uses a Japanese interpreter and answers his question in his native tongue.

But the whole multitasking thing is good when you're trying to squeeze in a workout.  This actually came up in a conversation with Elf & Slater on the 105.3 the Fan Radio this morning from Surprise.  These days at spring training are packed.  We must be at the Rangers clubhouse at 8am to get pre-workout interviews.  We don't wrap up until around 930pm in the evenings.   There is little downtime but that doesn't mean I have to forgo exercise.  It's all about fitting it in when I can.  These are lessons you can incorporate into your busy day, too.

One thing I make sure to do is walk everywhere, even if it's inefficient.  I take the long way to get places just so I am moving.  I also squeeze in pushups, situps, dips and squats.  Wednesday morning, I did 100 ab exercises and 50 pushups.  Tonight I will do some squats, dips and lunges.  This is a segmented version of my Quickie Workout that you can do anywhere at any time.

I also use my iPad and do a yoga or pilates workout that's been downloaded.  If I get a free hour at night or at crackthirty in the morning, I will hit the hotel gym.  They key, to paraphrase Nike, is to just do it. 

Getting in some exercise is a vital to our mental health as it is to our physical wellbeing.  In fact, I find it MOST important to stick to an exercise regime particularly when I am super-busy.  I'm more focused and do a better job when I've had that chance to decompress and get the blood flowing. 

Workouts are particularly important when the famous Cookie Lady is here with her wonderful treats.  This morning I sampled Mench's Munchie's named after former Ranger Kevin Mench.  These are Ritz crackers filled with peanut butter and covered in chocolate almond bark.  Very good. 
Thursday, January 19, 2012

Connecting You With All Things Yu

Now that Yu Darvish is officially a member of the Rangers, you can get acquainted with all things Yu.  The team will introduce him to DFW Friday at 7pm.  TV PLUG: I'll be live from the Ballpark with all sorts of Yu-related coverage.  But how can you really learn more about the 6-5 two-time Pacific League MVP?   Many ways.

Yu's Twitter Avatar
Yu is on Twitter and is pretty prolific, posting more than 3800 tweets as of 5:30pm CST Thursday.  He's posted a fair amount of pictures, as well.  The Google translate tool doesn't quite convey the message of his tweets but on January 15, he apparently tweeted something about the weather and then tweeted something about an Iphone to a follower on the 17th.  Riveting, isn't it?

Black Heart Charm
Yu has an official website that is simple but visually quite appealing.  If you're surfing via Google, you can use the Google translate tool to convert the Japanese characters to English.  He has links to a product page where you could purchase "a Black Heart" charm that features "the same uniform number "11" strap featuring an upscale luxurious Swarovski grains" (translate mixup, I think).  "The center is equipped with a metal plate logo was designed Darvish."  The charm is sold out.

You can purchase Darvish-endorsed cologne but his keychains, tote bags and "strap" are also sold out.

Yu also has a page promoting the various charitable causes he supports through the "Darvish-Yu Fund".   It appears he donated $1,000 to both the Japan Water Forum and the Children's Welfare Fund for each regular season win.  The Water Forum's mission is to solve "water problems in the world".

The website links to Yu's blog, which the site calls "Thoughts of Yu".  His recent entries include confirmation of his agreement with the Rangers as well the announcement that his divorce is final with Japanese actress, Saeko.   I find it interesting that his blog profile shares his blood type.   "A", in case you were wondering.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A 15-Year Old's Mission to End Cancer, One Autograph at a Time

Ten-year old Rudy Ramirez was a vibrant, friendly boy.  Brain cancer couldn't stop that.

Ramirez made fast friends with Houston native Jake Faust at a retreat for young cancer patients from Houston's Texas Children's Hospital at his grandparents' ranch, Squirrel Creek.

"He was really talkative, just like me," 15-year old Jake recalls. "I made a connection with him and stayed in touch.  He ended up dying this summer.  It just made me realize how fragile life is."

The Faust family has hosted week-long retreats for cancer patients for about 20 years.  Jake has seen firsthand what a devastating disease cancer is and in 2010 he decided to do what he could to end it.

Jake & Anahi Delacruz at Squirrel Creek Ranch Retreat
Jake started Autographs for Cancer, a non-profit organization that collects and sells autographed memorabilia online.  All of the profits help fund cancer research at Texas Children's Hospital.

"I was collecting autographs and I thought that just one autograph from an athlete or celebrity could turn into 300, 400 dollars to help (end) childhood cancer," Jake said.

Jake is a one-man autograph army, using a combination of boyhood charm and dogged persistence to get signatures. 
Jake and Colt McCoy
"I've been trying to step up my drive at Astros games and at Texans practices," says Jake. 

He was lucky enough to attend a Yankees game against the Rays this past August in the Bronx and made an impression on Tampa Bay outfielder Sam Fuld.  The leftfielder recruited his teammates to sign a bat for Jake.  Fuld then helped spread the teenager's message, tweeting @SamFuld5
"  Jake Faust is raising $ for cancer by auctioning off memorabilia.  Had the pleasure of meeting him at Yankee Stadium." 

This young Texans and UT fan doesn't discriminate when it comes to getting autographs to sell on his site.  His current inventory of autographed gear includes a jersey from Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware, an autographed bat from Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler, a signed ball from Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz and an autographed football from Alabama coach Nick Saban.

"I just want to help these kids," Jake says.  "Over a thousand kids in Texas each year are diagnosed with cancer.  I'd like to know that just from my charity alone, even if just 10 kids are saved, that would mean the world to me." 

Nelson Cruz Baseball
"These kids are just trying to live their lives and they get diagnosed with this horrible disease.  Everything, from their family life to their school, everything changes because they just got diagnosed with cancer, which they can't help," he adds.

But Jake is trying to help so that he doesn't lose another friend, like Rudy Ramirez.

You can learn more about Autographs for Cancer and purchase memorabilia by going to Jake's website or Facebook.  You can also follow him on Twitter @JakeFaust.
Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DFW, We Have a Leader


For a particular story I am doing, I have been asking a number of Rangers about who their leader is.  I have asked Manager Ron Washington  and GM Jon Daniels who they look to when they need to impart a message to the team.   The unanimous answer, on all fronts, has been one man: Michael Young.

This shouldn't come as a shock or surprise; but I will tell you it's impressive.  He leads by example and does it vocally, as well.   Pitcher C.J. Wilson might have said it best: "He's made so many sacrifices for the team.  To keep his bat in the lineup and keep his different positions, win a gold glove at short, now he's playing 3rd.  He can win a gold glove there you know."

Young's willingness to do whatever it takes and ability to excel at each attempt isn't lost on his teammates.  "Everyone's going home and looking at himself in the mirror saying 'what can I do to push the team over the top?' Wilson added.

Why does that impress the hell out of me?  Because for years I have asked just about every key player on every pro team in Dallas who the leader on his team was.  EVERY, single player gave me a different answer or named a few guys.  Some players (dallas mavericks) named the owner (mark cuban)!  It's so refreshing to have a team that knows who that guy is.  What's even more refreshing is to have a guy who's willing to put himself on the line to do it.  Many players aren't brave enough to do that and for Young to do is a testament to his character. 

Almost More Impressed by the Peeps
While I've been busy dissing the autograph flies at spring training, I must give huge kudos to the fans.  They are a loyal bunch.  I have asked Rangers execs asked if the number of fans is lower than in years' past given the economic climate.  Overwhelmingly the answer is no.  Fan turnout is impressive for a team not named the Cowboys, Yankees or Packers.  There's something to be said for the loyal baseball fan.  Even more impressive is the loyal Rangers fan.  There have been some rough years in the Arlington.

BTW, my personal favorite, The Cookie Lady, is in Surprise with her husband.  I did a story with her years ago and received about two dozen cookies for my colleagues at the station.  Here's hoping we see some of her sweets in the next few days! ;)