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Rangers Dugout Reporter Emily Jones Shares Her Makeup Secrets

That brutal August heat is here. If you're heading to a Rangers game, keeping your makeup from melting is a legitimate concern (even for some guys I know). Earlier this summer, I shared my secrets for sweatproofing your makeup for Rangers games.

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Rangers dugout reporter, Posh Play co-founder and mom to adorable Hattie and Henry, Emily Jones McCoy is a true expert. She sits in the dugout, during 100+ degree day games and manages to look camera-ready during every TV hit for Rangers games on Fox Sports Southwest. She recently shared her makeup and beauty secrets that sports-loving girl can adopt.

Emily Jones McCoy's Makeup & Beauty Secrets

1) How long does is take you to put on your makeup for a broadcast? 
Sadly, about 12 ;)

2) What’s the quickest you have done it when you’ve been in a pinch? 
I can make something work in 3 minutes.

3) What are your favorite makeup products and why? 
Bobbi Brown concealer because it hides EVERYTHING! I have the double but mainly use the creamy concealer. Have to apply it with the brush so it goes on smooth and not cakey.

4) What is your favorite bargain makeup or beauty product?
NYX lip gloss because you can wear it by itself. (I LOVE their Butter Gloss).

5) What’s your favorite makeup trick? 
Apply something light and shimmery under your lower lashes (after concealer). Opens up your eyes. 

6) Do you have a beauty secret or beauty product you swear by? 
Lash extensions. Makes everything easier and makes it look like you're wearing something even when you're not. 

7) What is your favorite beauty/anti-aging product on your makeup counter at home? 

8) What’s your off-camera makeup routine? 
Aveeno moisturizer (Calming in the winter. Brightening in the summer!) and lip gloss.

9) What’s the one question you get asked all the time or the one comment viewers ALWAYS have when they see you in person. 
People want to know what the players are really like...sometimes I divulge, sometimes I don't ;)

10) In a few sentences, can you describe your approach to staying beautiful? 
I try to start everyday out the same. Load the kids up in the double BOB, grab the dog, and jog to Starbucks. Grab a coffee and walk/jog home. I try to do Pure Barre twice a week. But if the day gets away from me, I've already gotten a workout in :)

Henry, Emily, Hattie and husband Mike/Image via Candid Chic Photography
I love this girl. She's smart, practical and willing to do the work for what she wants, whether it's a starting a business, rocking her TV career or raising a gorgeous family. She's an inspiration to all us.

To learn more makeup tricks of some of your favorite local television personalities, visit where WFAA's Shelly SlaterKTVT's Adrienne Bankert and more share their makeup and beauty secrets.

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