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Commodore Perry Estate Review: European Luxury in the Heart of Austin, TX

Commodore Perry Resort Austin Review

Imagine opening a luxury hotel in the middle of a pandemic. That's exactly what Auberge Resorts did in June 2020 when it opened the Commodore Perry Estate in Austin. Nine months after the property started welcoming guests, it is blossoming into a luxury respite only a few hours from most Texas metro areas that can transport you a world away...at least in your own mind. 

This story will cover: 

  • How much do rooms at the Commodore Perry Estate cost? 
  • Commodore Perry Estate history
  • Commodore Perry Estate food, restaurant and menu

My daughter and I visited the Commodore Perry Estate in March 2021, during Spring Break. We didn't want to fly, as I had to still quarantine at work after flying, but we definitely needed a getaway after not traveling for the majority of the past year. 

This was truly my first trip outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area in more than a year. To that end, I wanted something special. We were spending a full five days and I was craving, no needing, a true retreat that would rejuvenate me and have some fun activities for her. 

After deciding on Central Texas because of its great location, we stumbled across the Commodore Perry Estate after falling down the Google rabbit hole. We'd done Austin's W Hotel, Driskill and Four Seasons. We were ready for something more interesting. The Commodore Perry Estate hit the spot. 


The property is in Austin's Hyde Park neighborhood just north of downtown. The pool itself overlooks Hancock Golf Course. I enjoyed the location as it offered a chance to go for a walk in the morning or afternoon for some exercise. It's within walking distance to Fresh Plus Grocery, Hyde Park Bar & Grill (where we had a great lunch) and Antonelli's Cheese Shop. It's also right across the street from Austin favorite, Jo's Coffee. 

The Rooms

My daughter and I booked a standard room in the Inn which was approximately 400 square feet and stunning. It was the right blend of European luxury with Texas influences. The shower was one of the most impressive I've seen: a stunning black plaster married against their beautiful mauve and cream tile flooring. Gorgeous! 

Commodore Perry Resort Austin Review

Commodore Perry Resort Austin Review

Commodore Perry Resort Austin Review

The room was among the property's smallest yet still featured drawers, ample closet space for my daughter and me, a mini-fridge and space for brewing tea and coffee in the morning. 

The only downside? Not enough space for me to work on my laptop. There was a small table, which I used to store our books. This wasn't that much of an inconvenience as I was able to find a quiet place to work and make video calls throughout the property.

The estate is in the middle of a neighborhood. My Juliette balcony overlooked someone's backyard. 

Commodore Perry Resort Austin Review

Our friends booked a suite that was substantially larger and offered a soaking tub. It also opened to a beautiful courtyard which offered ample light into the room. 


The property evokes a European villa set against Austin's casual vibe. The resort and lush 10 acres upon which it sits is spectacular. Commodore Edgar and Luticia Perry built the Mediterranean/Italian villa in 1928 to serve as the couple's country home for entertaining. In 2017, Auberge Resorts announced it would assume management of the property and spent years, along with millions, renovating it. For more on its history, click here.

The entire space feels modern while remaining true to its original architectural integrity. From the gorgeous tile floors to drawing-rooms-turned-intimate-dinings-rooms, no detail seems spared.

The staff was wonderful. We never heard a "no" and they were always quick to greet us by name. The guests were a mix of visitors from across Texas, as well as locals who are members of the private club the Commodore Perry Estate offers. 

Commodore Perry Resort Austin Review

I've heard the pool area gets crowded with families during holidays but we didn't notice much of a crowd during spring break at all. It's a very Austin-luxe vibe. 

The Restaurants

The property has a number of dining options, the Mansion and Lutie's Garden Restaurant which had not yet opened when we visited. We ate breakfast most mornings in the Mansion, as well as a few dinners. 

Commodore Perry Resort Austin Review

Hotel food can, many times, be unimpressive, over-salted and average. This was anything but. It was spectacular. I had one of the best roasted chicken dishes I've ever tasted followed a spectacular order of mussels the next night.  

My daughter and her friend ate lunch at the pool most days. While it was fine, it was more of the typical pool fare - chicken tenders, fries and hamburgers. 

PRO TIP - the check-in area has perhaps the best cookies I have ever had...and I've had a lot in my day. Be sure to snag a few. They don't mind if you keep coming back for more. 

Activities For Kids

I've schlepped my daughter all over the world for both work and play. She's not someone who needs to be overly scheduled because she can find things to do but the resort did offer a few activities for children.

The hotel has a scavenger hunt which takes kids (and adults, too!) on a tour of the property searching for architectural details, design elements and hidden gems. My daughter and her friend loved this as it really did challenge them. 

The pool isn't too large but it has plenty of space for a few kids to play. It could definitely get crowded  if there are too many children there. Take that into consideration if you're looking to relax. 

This particular week, the hotel offered a Creative Camp which was a half day art camp that provided snacks and lunch. My daughter loves art. While the teachers ideated some creative exercises for the students, she texted me a few hours into the camp asking me to pick her up because she was bored. I get it.

The Gym

I got in a quick workout at the gym. It's not massive but it offers everything you need: a few ellipticals, free weights, bikes and machines. 

The Cost 

Let's talk money. This experience is not inexpensive as Auberge resorts never are. Our room, which was as entry level as it comes at that property, was $559 per night. We were able to take advantage of a Third Night Free promotion which absolutely made the price more palatable. The property does not charge a resort fee, which was a pleasant surprise but does, of course tack on state and city taxes. 


I loved Commodore Perry Estate and have recommended it to friends as often as I can. It's a great staycation option or quick getaway solution when you simply need to get out of town.

Commodore Perry Resort Austin Review

Have you stayed at the Commodore Perry Estate? Did you love it as much as we did? I'd love to hear about your experience. 

Commodore Perry Estate Review
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