Friday, April 30, 2010

Even Roddy B's in on Free Roddy B. He's Funny, Too!

I hear you.   I read your tweets and found you on facebook.  The Free Roddy B campaign has never been as loud as it was in the final three quarters of  the Mavericks series-ending Game 6 loss to the Spurs.

You know the story.  Beaubois had 16 points in 18 minutes in the second and third quarters.  He provided that speed and spark off the bench that helped Dallas rally from a 22-point deficit.  Yet in the fourth quarter, he was mysteriously on the bench until the 2:44 mark of the final period.  At that point, the Mavericks trailed 89-81 and it was a cliche case of too little too late.

Even Mavericks owner Mark Cuban claimed he shouted "Free Roddy B!" when Beaubois was off the court.  Cuban was aloof when asked about it after the game.  "I'm not a coach, so I don't even have an opinion on that," he said.

It's rare when Cuban doesn't have an opinion on something, isn't it?  Isn't his lack of one telling?

Friday Carlisle took responsibility for Beaubois' benching saying that there are "no right decisions when you lose."

General manager Donnie Nelson stuck with the message.  "You can go around and around with that stuff," he said Friday.  "Pick your poison.  I don't think it's the right thing one of the all-time great 4th quarter performers Jason Terry is not out there.  It's such tough call but I think in those situations you go with the knowns."

Beaubois is smart and while he's cool with the coach's decision, he, like any competitor, saw opportunities to contribute.  "For sure, I wanted to play," he said.  "In the season I never really knew when I was going to play or not.  I just wait and that's it."

As for the Free Roddy B movement and the Mike Fisher-designed t-shirts that are scattered around North Texas, Beaubois admits it's pretty cool.

 "I was flattered when I saw that (the t-shirt).  It's good to have support from fans."

When asked if he had a Free Roddy B t-shirt he said someone gave him one Thursday night.  The media throng asked if it was from Cuban to which he replied in his wonderfully thick Guadeloupe/French accent, "no".

You kinda had to be there.

Jason Kidd's Ear Ache

Mavericks guard Jason Kidd didn't waste much time getting the heck out of dodge.  He missed the team's Friday morning end-of-season meeting and exit interview session.  According to head coach Rick Carlisle, Kidd was in his off-season home of Phoenix to "get away from it" take care of some "personal things".  Carlisle said he had no problem with Kidd being the only player to miss the meeting.

Numerous Mavericks sources have confirmed to me that Kidd was suffering from an ear infection during the course of the playoff series against the Spurs.  He did not want the news of the issue revealed during the series.  If you recall, Kidd missed the Saturday practice prior to Sunday's Game 3, seemingly to rest his legs.  He had logged a series-high 45 minutes in Friday's Game 2.  The te

Through six games against the Spurs, Kidd did not play like the man whom Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich claimed had found the fountain of youth.  The 37-year old point guard averaged eight points and seven assists this series in comparison to his 12 points, seven assist average the final month of the regular season.  He shot just 30% from the field and 32% from 3-point range after shooting 42% and 43% from both spots, respectively.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Are They Who We Thought They Were?

To paraphrase Dennis Green, are they really who we thought they were?  Did you recognize what you saw last night?  The Mavericks resembled Elaine Benes' herky jerky dancing from Seinfeld.  Seriously.  And like Elaine's dancing, it's impossible to figure out just what this Mavericks team is.

Is it the one that beat San Antonio by six in Game 1 and looked dominant?  The one that failed to show up in Game 2 and lose by 14? Or is it the Game 3 group that battled but didn't have anything left late in the game?  Even CBS11/TXA21 photographer Bill Ellis remarked while looking at the video he shot of Game 3 that the Mavericks looked confused.

I get the sense Dallas thought the Spurs would be an easier bunch to deal with.  Even after last night's loss, I still sort of feel that way.

The Mavericks have to make shots down the stretch.  They made only seven of their 22 shot attempts in the final period.  Would making a substitution have helped?  Rick Carlisle stayed with small ball for the majority of the fourth:  Jason Terry and JJ Barea to start the fourth, along with Jason Kidd.  Dirk Nowitzki started the fourth on the bench, like he usually does.  It's easy to understand why Carlisle went with that group the majority of the second half, they had a 17-0 run in the 3rd quarter, built a nine point lead and entered the fourth quarter with 70-66 lead.

"In the fourth quarter, we had too many empty possessions," Nowitzki said after the game.

You have to wonder if it was as effective as it could have been.

Caron Butler sat the entire second half. A starter.  Yes, I get he struggled,  going just 1 for 3 with two points.  Don't you at least give him a few minutes?  Now you have to ask where his confidence is.  Will he be pressing in Game 4?

This much I do know about the Mavericks: they need to win Game 4 because based on what they've shown, combined with the way the Spurs are playing, Dallas doesn't seem have the constitution to come back from a 3-1 deficit.

Please Stop!
Finally.  Stop.  Just stop about the refs.  It's so junior varsity.  Sure, the Mavericks are a whine-inducing 1-17 when Dan Crawford officiates games.  It's a bitch.  I get it.  But deal with it and move on.  It's an excuse that's old, tired and nothing more than a lame reason for the Mavericks to feel something was taken from them.  Take responsibility and deal with it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Don't Forget About Him.....

  This guy.

While he's always one of the two or three most important players on the court, Jason Kidd's offense is going to be critical to the Mavericks success in the playoffs.

Consider that in Game 1,  Kidd scored 13 points and dished 11 assists in the Mavs' 100-94 win.  In Game 2, he went 1 for 7 from the field with just five points and eight assists, as Dallas scored an anemic 88 points.

It's not a simple of case of  Kidd scoring in double figures equals Mavs win, although he did average 10.5 points and 9.9 assists in 53 regular season wins and 9.9 points and 7.4 assists in regular season losses.

The defensive focus will continue to be on Dirk Nowitzki, whatever it may be that he sees: single coverage, the so-far-rare double team.  Kidd will always tell you his priority is to pass first, as it should be.  But the Spurs are going to give Kidd the opportunity to make shots.

Despite being a good three-point shooter this season, it's easy to overlook what Kidd can do offensively.  In this series, the Mavericks will need every point he can score. 

Btw, if you Google Jason Kidd and check out the pics - there are some funny ones!  If you get Sports Illustrated you've seen a few of them.  But family in a bathtub?  All I'm sayin'.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No More Masked Mavs Man!!!!

I seriously had a dream about Jason Terry in that damn mask.

Get your mind out of the gutter! 

Nothing inappropriate at all!  It was more like a Jason/Friday the 13th/scary sort of dream.  I even told  him about it last week and he mentioned that he was ready to be done with that thing. 

Well after he played without on Sunday in game 1 against the Spurs, he's says he's done for good.  "Keeping my fingers crossed I don’t get hit or anything but no mask," he said after shootaround on Wednesday.

No doubt he's looking for a better performance in Game 2.  Terry was 2/9 with 5 points, with both of those shots coming in the final 6:05 of the fourth quarter.

"I'm definitely going to be more aggressive than I was in that last game," he said.  "Watching the tape, I let the defense dictate how I was getting my shots."

Did You Know:
The Spurs have not won a playoff game in Dallas since Game 6 of the Western Conference semifinals on 5/19/06.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Texas Stadium Two Cents From Three Perspectives

Like so many Dallas natives, I grew up watching the Cowboys play at Texas Stadium on Sunday afternoons.  I would ask my grandfather just about every Sunday why the shadow on the field was so weird and why there was that weird hole "on top".  He would always answer with the familiar refrain "there's a hole in the roof so God can watch the Cowboys play."  For years, YEARS, I truly believed that. 

I remember watching listening to Brad Sham scream "TOUCHDOWN TONY HILL!!!" in the closing seconds of a 1979 game over the Redskins.  When I went to work for the Cowboys it became known as the "Touchdown Tony Hill" game.

The first time I went to a game there, it was magical.  It was a Thanksgiving day game against the Chiefs, the one in which Jay Novacek jumped over Kansas City defender en route to scoring a touchdown.  I walked around in a virtual "I can't believe I'm finally here" haze.

The first time I walked in there as a Cowboys employee, it was truly surrreal.  I worked for the team for three full years, from 1999-2002.  My second day on the job the late great John Chang sent me there, along with Cowboys TV photographer/producer Roxanne Medina to shoot an offseason Cowboys coaching clinic.  It was a hot, sticky, sweaty vaccuum on the field that day.  But I will never forget going home that night, reaking of sweat and hairspray, thinking "I worked for the Dallas Cowboys, in Texas Stadium! today"  I interviewed coaches, who were now my co-workers and was not only allowed to go everywhere in the place but needed to because my job called for it.

I made what seemed like hundreds of trips to Texas Stadium with John, Roxx, Cowboys TV's Chris Behm and Scott Purcel over the years.  It was easy to get frustrated with the building:  Patrolling the sideline for Cowboys preseason games drenched and dripping with sweat while trying to look "refreshed and classy" for a live hit was infuriating.  I would get lost on the wrong suite level time and again.  I always bemoaned the fact there wasn't a restroom I could use on the field level.  Trust me, in times of need, these things count.  I would fear the falling piece of roof asbestos that would nail me every now and then.  (I don't know if it was really asbestos but it was kinda fun to make it seem sooooo dramatic and worst-case scenario).  I learned not to eat the popcorn.  Trust me, avoid most stadium popcorns.  I could go on and on.

As I moved on to WFAA and then my current station, KTVT/KTXA, I got to experience the magic of the high school football games there and, as cliche' as it is to say, there is absolutely nothing like Texas high school football.  It's one of the best things about our state.  While I was no longer a Cowboys employee, I still felt so at home there. 

I think that's what made the place so great.  There was a sense of pride and hospitality that contradicted Texas Stadium's rundown facade. 

Cowboys great Bob Lilly told me he wasn't going to watch the implosion.  He doesn't want to drive by there and hates the fact it's going away.  I get it.  I am afraid that I am a little more "media cynical" now and may never feel the way about Cowboys Stadium or any other sports complex for that matter the way I did about Texas Stadium.  I won't grow up with any new facility.  I no longer have my grandfather around to ask about the "hole on top". 

Yes, Texas Stadium was just a building but it was our building.  Anyone who experienced a special moment or memory there knows exactly what I mean.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If You Want to Meet the Hotties, You Gotta Take Pilates

An NBA player, I am 90% certain you know, told me that.  I had heard he was taking classes at a popular gym.  I asked him about it and he simply responded with "If you want to meet the hotties, you gotta take pilates!"  Then he proceeded to form a wide sh!t-eating grin which led me to believe that he did, in fact, meet some hotties.  

Player A wasn't alone.  He took pilates with another more famous, more successful NBA player I know you know.  Joining them were the expected soccer moms and MILF's along with a member or two of Dallas' SWAT team.  I'm talking serious, athletic guys participating in a workout that many out-of-shape guys I know think is a bit girly.

Pilates is a method of exercising that builds flexibility, endurance, coordination and strength without adding bulky muscles.  The primary focus is core strength: stomach and lower back.  A solid workout will also hit hips, legs, buttocks and upper back as well as focus on controlled breathing techniques.  This can help produce a fabulous physique.  Think long, lean and sinewy muscles vs stocky, thick ones. 

I have to admit, my first couple of pilates classes were awful.  They were taught by instructors who either a) didn't know what they were doing or b) too fearful of challenging the class.  Recently, I have been taking group classes at my personal gym and we are blessed with a phenomenal instructor.  A well-taught one hour class hits almost every major muscle.  You definitely "feel the burn" but it's a sensation different from that "pump" you get when lifting weights.  It's a true burn, a good one, that will stick with you for 12-24 hours.  I consider myself to be in pretty good shape but after a good class, I feel it.

There are a two primary ways to practice pilates.  Many people (like me) take classes on mat using their own body weight for resistance along with a few tools.  This pilates ring looks painfully simple but can be painfully challenging when properly used.  Exercise bands are also helpful for adding resistance.

Another method of training involves using what's called a reformer.  This adds additional resistance and allows a person to focus perhaps a little better on developing proper alignment, core strength and flexibility.

Here is a link to a Pilates-based workout I profiled in 2009 for CBS11/TXA21's Get Healthy Texas segments.  The story was targeted to get women bikini ready in a six-weeks.  Trust me, you can get there with these moves.

Pilates isn't for wimps.  It's a phenomenal way to get in shape regrardless of your fitness level and gender. With practice and dedication, it will improve your strength, flexibility and physique.  And if the latter is true, Player A's line appropriate for both men and women.

Have any clue who my pilates-practicing NBA guys are?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Some Spurs Perspective Down the Stretch

With five games left and the Mavericks impersonating Sybil, the Spurs are quietly playing some good basketball at the perfect time of year.  They're only two and a half games behind Dallas in the Southwest division.  San Antonio is 7-3 over its last 10 games with impressive road wins over Boston and the Lakers and home wins against Cleveland and Orlando.  Interestingly, they do have a stinker loss against New Jersey serving as the only blemish during a 5-1 stretch.

The DMN's Brad Townsend breaks it down here.  Long story short, if the Mavs tank and the Spurs win the regular season finale, by virtue of a few tiebreaks, San Antonio could win the division.

The Spurs had just a 4-4 record when they came to Dallas on November 14th.  They actually dropped to 4-6 and back to 9-9 in November.  I asked Tim Duncan about that .500 mark and about their general approach on the season.  He told me that they don't get too concerned with the first few months of the regular season.  "We want to be playing our best basketball going into the playoffs," he deadpanned, looking over to his PR guy hoping that he would end the interview after just the third question.  (The PR guy didn't)

Duncan's bunch doesn't seem to have that identity crisis that's plaguing the Mavericks.  Will it get them any a first-round series win?  Who knows but theirs is certainly a good philosophy to have.
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