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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

8G Greens Superfood Supplement Review

8G Greens, 8G Greens Review 8G Greens Superfood Supplement Review, 8G Greens Tablet Review

While a $12 bottle of green juice is great once in a while, it's not a practical solution for people who work, travel and are running around all day. It also gets expensive. 8G Greens Superfood Supplement is a phenomenal solution, particularly for busy working moms and working women trying to stay healthy.

You can carry the little tube of 10 tables with you anywhere you go. You simply drop them into a glass of water and they dissolve, Alka Seltzer-style, into a tangy, citrus drink that is really tasty.
Thursday, September 24, 2015

Which Produce Is Best For Weight Loss

Fruit makes you fat, which produce is best for weight loss

Grandma was right, you need to eat your fruits and vegetables. When it comes to weight loss, though, starchy vegetables and stone fruits may not be the most effective allies for dropping pounds. Leafy and cruciferous veggies are the weight loss winners while berries and citrus fruits top the list in the fruit category.

Monday, May 25, 2015

4 Simple Diet & Fitness Tips To Help You Get Ready For Summer

Diet & fitness tips, diet tips for summer, fitness tips for summer, stephanie hanson, innergy fitness

With Memorial Day behind us, summer has unofficially started. Pools are open which, in turn, means bathing suit season is here.

Are you ready? Me? Sorta.

Innergy Fitness owner, trainer and nutrition expert Stephanie Hanson recently shared a few secrets with me to help us feel better during the summer months. You know the routine: we're wearing tank tops, shorts and bathing suits. We want to feel good about doing that. Stephanie's tips can help. They don't require any crazy weight loss regime, diet pills or ridiculous exercise program. They're along the lines of the smart, simple strategies that I have been preaching for years.
Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How To Eat Healthy In Restaurants

How to eat healthy in restaurants, dine out eat well.

Most restaurant meals are absolute fat pills. You can eat an entire day's worth of calories in one sitting. Whether you dine out for work or leisure, there are a number of strategies that can help you survive eating in restaurants without blowing your diet.

Friday, February 6, 2015

How To Love Exercising...Even When You Hate It

How To Learn To Love Exercising, How to Love Exercise

Even when I was fat, I loved to exercise. A good workout produces chemicals, called endorphins, that make you feel better. 

If you absolutely dread the thought of exercise, there are some tricks to help you learn to love it more. 
  • Listen to a book or podcast on your iPod while walking or running. They key is to allow yourself to listen to them ONLY while working out; not in the car, at home or at the nail salon. This will get you excited about your workouts. A long power walk while listening to a book becomes an indulgent retreat. Listening to Stieg Larsson's Dragon Tattoo trilogy had me pushing my hour-long power walks to 90 minutes or two hours when I was trying to lose the baby weight. A good story makes time fly.
  • If you're at the gym, download some favorite TV shows or movies on your iPad. Sign up for Amazon Prime and watch whatever you like  (assuming your gym has WiFi) while doing your cardio. Currently, I am catching up on season 2 of the The Americans on Amazon Prime when I do my cardio workouts. This is an easy way to, again, enjoy every minute of your workout.
  • Think of it as an indulgence. Just like a massage, facial or visit to the nail salon, exercise is a brief moment during the day when you focus solely on yourself. You're not folding laundry, running errands or doing office work. You're doing something for you. And it's awesome.
  • Focus on how good you will feel AFTER your workout. This takes some energy but it works. When you're dreading that trip to the gym or power walk, remind yourself that you will feel a million times better after your workout. This simple act has gotten me out the door. And the thing is, it's not hooey. You really will feel a million times better after your workout. 
Get The Real Skinny
So I wrote an ebook: "The 10 Easiest Diet Tips: Simple Secrets To Help You Lose Weight And Maintain Your Weight Loss For Good".

There is no food combining, disgusting diet powders or whacky MLM scheme involved in this book. It's simply a list of the easiest diet tips that can help you reach your goals whether you want to lose five pounds or 50.

It's yours free when you sign up for The Real Skinny, our digest of diet and fitness updates designed for people who have real lives in the real world. No trainers or personal chefs required (not that there's anything wrong with that).

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Is Your Skinny Latte Making You Fat?

skinny lattes make you fat, how many calories in a skinny latte

For the first time in about a year, I had tall a Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte on Monday. It tasted like a warm hug on a cool Beaver Creek day. It was the perfect balance of sweet and toasty with a nice touch of cinnamon. It was heaven in a cup. 

There's a reason, though, it was the first one I had in a long time: consuming lattes regularly, even skinny ones, can be a fat pill. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Nike Training Club App Review: A Butt-Kicking Virtual Trainer

Nike Training Club, Nike Training Club App, Nike Training App

The Nike Training Club App is the nuts. It's a booty kick and personal trainer all rolled into one downloadable package of workout brilliance.

A hair dresser introduced me to it when she told me she simply exercised at home. She had a phenomenal figure and was around 40. I took her advice and downloaded the app with extremely low expectations. 

It blew me away, literally and figuratively.

Is This The Week New Year's Resolutions Die?

2015 Goals, Write down to your goals

The third week of January is critical when it comes to New Year's resolutions. It is the week most of them die, according to the Wall Street Journal. Gym attendance declines, that commitment to eat better weakens, you know the routine.

The thing is, three weeks is barely enough time to give a resolution a chance to stick. A 2009 study by University College London found it takes about 66 days to develop a habit (Tweet this).

How can you stay committed to reaching your 2015 goals? 
  • Stay Focused. Being focused on a goal can help you reach it. How do you do that? Read blogs, websites, magazines and news articles about the particular area in which you're interesting in improving. Want to get in better shape? Read Shape or Women's Health. Want to cook healthier meals? Make Eating Well part of your regular reading. Shameless plug: sign up for The Real Skinny, a digest of diet and fitness tips for the real world, like this one. Or check out my blog every Monday for News To Help You Have A Healthier Week. Reading about it, helps you think about it and keep those goals present in your mind. 
  • Write It Down. Research repeatedly shows that writing down your goals helps you reach them. Failing to write your goals means you will forget them or won't focus on them. Put them somewhere you will see them every day. Here's a 2015 goals worksheet.
  • Be Specific. Don't be vague in your goals. For example: "I will wake up by 6am five days a week" is one of my goals for 2015. That's a better and more specific goal than "I will wake up earlier this year".  In fact, according to experts, being specific about when, where and how you will take action can set you up for success. 
  • Be Realistic. You probably won't lose 25 pounds in one month. Five pounds? That's doable. Don't set goals that are completely unattainable. Take it a step further and create that specific action plan (see above) for you to achieve this. 
So if you do abandon your 2015 goals this week. Don't stress it. You can always start again next week.

How You Doin'?
How are you doing with your 2015 goals? Are they too tough to attain or are you rolling along? Please share in the comments section.

Me? I am struggling with the wake up at 6am thing. I am getting up about 6:30am which is at least a step in the right direction.

Monday, January 19, 2015

News To Help You Have A Healthier Week

Intermittent fasting, fasting 12 hours a day
Image via

I hope you had a great weekend. Full disclosure: I have been dieting like a mad bitch for a photo shoot today. The nice thing about the diet (which I will detail in an upcoming post) is that I really haven't craved anything. I have been a bit of recluse, though, and avoided going out to dinner all week. I am a night eater and didn't want to be tempted.

Here are a few things that caught my eye. Hope they help you have a healthier week!

Fasting 12 hours a day can help you lose weight. I try to do this most days of the week (think 5) and it is so much easier than you would think. Eat dinner before 7pm, have breakfast after 7am. That tends to be the most manageable window in the real world. If you need to eat a bit later, try to do it before 8pm and eat your breakfast after 8am.

Writer Andy Leeks tried 10 different diets in 50 days and lost 25 pounds. He lost the most weight on the 5:2 Diet and the Special K Diet.

Dr. Oz has a new diet plan: the Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan. On it you ditch coffee for hot lemon water (the bitterness of the lemon stimulates bile flow which helps emulsify and remove fat-soluble toxins, according to Dr. Oz - Tweet this), eat protein in the morning (smart!) and two healthy snacks a day are allowed (think kale chips, lentils and almond butter quinoa balls).

Need more motivation to exercise? A sedentary lifestyle can be twice as deadly as being obese, according to a new study. 

Still not moving most days of the week. Here are three ways to find your exercise sweet spot.

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

How To Own 2015...And Keep Your New Year's Goals

Make 2015 the year you make it happen. Whatever your "IT" is.

For many of my friends and family, gaining control of their weight and overall health is a priority. For me, staying the course is the goal but that's never easy. I am a recovering a fat girl and and am always a Golden Corral buffet away from my orca phase.

The thing is, whether you're at your ideal weight or fitness level or still trying to get there, your health should be one of your top priorities. If you do not have a healthy body and spirit, nothing else matters (Tweet this). Simply put:

If you don't have your health, you don't have anything.

Click HERE to download this worksheet.

We know that resolutions, many times, fail. I prefer not to think in terms of resolutions for a new year but in goals. It's scientifically proven that writing down goals helps you achieve them.

So to help you do just that, I have created a simple download that you can print and write down your goals to help you rock them. Click HERE to download your 2015 goals worksheet.

Be Realistic
Don't put too much pressure on yourself. We're all human. There will be days that we eat too much candy or miss a workout. We will yell at people we love and feel fat. We WILL get off track. The key is to jump right back on when we do get off track. Little missteps are a part of life. It's how we rebound from them that help define us.

Get Easy Diet & Fitness Tips In 2015
Looking for extra motivation this year? Sign up for The Real Skinny. You will receive smart, practical advice that you can use in the real world (like THIS ONE) to help you reach your diet and fitness goals.

Share Your Goals 
Please share some of your 2015 goals in the comments section. I would love to learn what you have in store this year. Check back on Monday. I will share my 2015 goals worksheet.

Happy 2015! 
Make it your best year yet! 

  what is plated
Monday, December 29, 2014

Resolving to Lose Weight In 2015? Start NOW With This Simple Diet Tip

easy diet tips, diet tips & tricks, how to lose weight fast

Are you resolving to finally lose that unwanted weight in 2015? Don't wait until January 2015 to begin. Start now to jumpstart your new year's resolution. It serves two purposes:
  1. It gets you mentally ready to prepare for your weight loss journey.
  2. It works. You WILL lose weight. Bonus! 
This is one of the world's easiest diet tips and you won't even feel like you're dieting. You don't have to starve, over-exercise or avoid certain foods. All you have to do is this: leave two bites on your plate at lunch and dinner.

Here's How To Do It
Enjoy both lunch and dinner but leave two substantial bites on your plate during those last two meals of the day. Don't leave baby bites. Leave two solid, full-fork bites.

Simple is that. The thing is, this works.

By leaving two big bites on your plate at lunch and dinner, you will save roughly 100 calories a day (Tweet this). If you start today you can cut about 700 calories by January 5th. Not a ton, but it's a step in the right direction and helps you get ahead of the game when you start that weight loss journey for real.

Now, if you're eating spinach and broccoli for lunch and dinner, that's a different story. But if you enjoy a sandwich and chips for lunch and pasta, steak or some other big meal for dinner, this tip is for you.

A Few Calories Here & There Add Up To Serious Weight Loss
Those little caloric savings add up. If you do this every day, you will shave about 36,000 calories over the course of the year. That's 10 pounds, friends. Without even trying! If you do it only five days a week, you will lose about seven and a half pounds in a year.

Get Simple Diet & Fitness Tips In 2015
This is one of the easiest diet tips ever. There are more. Tons of them. Do you want them? Looking for extra motivation this year? Sign up for The Real Skinny. You will receive smart, practical advice that you can use in the real world to help you reach your diet and fitness goals.

Me, circa 1999, close to 200 pounds
Why am I an expert? Friends, I'm a recovering fat girl. At one point in my life, there wasn't a Golden Corral buffet I didn't love. I have lost more than 50 pounds and kept it off for a decade. Most importantly, I know how to do it while juggling work, studies, parenting and other aspects of our chaotic lives that can derail even the most dedicated dieter.

I have been there....and am fighting to the good fight every day to avoid going back there.

Sharing 2015 Goals. What's Yours? 
Are you trying to lose weight in 2015? Share your goals in the comments section. Publicly stating your intentions keeps you accountable.

Me? I want bikini abs. That's all. A stomach that won't embarrass me while wearing a bikini. That's my goal. I'd love to hear yours.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Exhale Core Fusion Barre Basic Class Review: It Never Gets Easier

Exhale Core Fusion Classes,
Image via exhale spa
After an indulgent trip to Paris where, as usual, I lost weight living on cheese, chocolate and wine (granted I did walk about eight miles a day and eat small portions) it was time to return to the gym. I had done some light weightlifting on my own but nothing too regimented. This past Saturday I took one of exhale's Core Fusion Barre Basic classes, my 56th of the year but first in a few weeks. I felt like I was taking it for the very first time.

Core Fusion Barre Basic may sound like an easier version of an Open class. That couldn't be further from the truth. The movements are targeted, tiny and effective. Each time I take one of these classes, it is challenging. I was sore the next day, in a good way. In fact after Saturday's class, I am still sore on Monday.

Core Fusion Barre Basic Movements
In Core Fusion Barre Basic, you will do movements for both the upper and lower body with an emphasis on glutes and thighs. You will use a combination of light weights as well as your own body weight.

After a three to five minute warmup, you will spend about seven to 10 minutes doing a variety of weighted movements for your arms, shoulders and back with a quick set of pushups thrown in. The movements are rapid and deliver a good burn, despite the light weight.

Exhale Core Fusion Basic Review, exhale core fusion basic class
Lower body movements for Core Fusion Basic

You will focus on your lower body for the next 30 minutes. You will spend roughly 15 minutes on your thighs and 15 minutes on your bootie. You will do plié squats, leg lefts and circles on a ballet bar and, sometimes, on a floor mat. The movements are tough and ALWAYS make my legs shake.

For the last 15 minutes, you will focus on your abs after a quick set of bar pullups. The ab work combines rollups, planks, leg lifts and extensions. For me, the ab work rarely burns in class but I usually feel it the next day.

You always finish with a good stretch, something I love. I could spend an extra 15 minutes stretching at the end of class. I feel like that's something I always need.

There is not a heart-pumping cardiovascular component to this 60-minute class like there is in exhale's Core Fusion Cardio Barre class (read my review HERE). Taking that into account, I rarely feel like I need to do cardio on days when I do a Core Fusion Barre Basic class. I consider it "enough" of a workout.

The Gear
You can wear pretty much anything to Core Fusion classes. I recommend yoga pants/leggings simply because shorts tend you leave you a little, um, exposed. Grip socks are mandatory to keep you from slipping on the wooden floor.

The Takeaway
exhale's Core Fusion classes are never routine. The class size is small enough that the instructor can deliver individual attention to you. Sometimes you love it because it helps you perform a movement properly. Most times, candidly, I hate it because it makes the movement infinitely more difficult. That's what you want, though, because these classes deliver results. The movements target those tiny muscles which truly give your body a lift in the areas that need it.

Core Fusion classes are always a challenge, no matter how experienced you are with this type of exercise. That's a good thing.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Do Juice Cleanses Really Work?

Green Juice, juice cleanse, fasting, juicing

With the indulgent holiday season up on us, a number of my friends are planning juice fasts to "get rid of the toxins" they consumed in November and December. Heck, after having wine at just about every meal in Paris, Lord knows my liver needs a break.

I love a good juice fast as much as the next person. It can help you drop a few pounds quickly and are a good way to get a large amount of nutrients efficiently. I have a green juice three of four times a week. As for the whole "ridding our bodies of toxins" thing, I am not so sure. Scientists have repeatedly said that a quality, produce-heavy diet does the job.

Dr. Linda Lee, the Director of John Hopkins Integrative Medicine and Digestive Center in Maryland, tells the Wall Street Journal that the term "cleanse" is nothing more than a marketing tool and there is no science to prove that fasting cleanses the system.

That marketing is working. Sales of "superpremium juice" was more than $1.4 billion in 2013, up from $1 billion in 2010.

This is a situation in which you need to do what works for you. Will your body be free of the damage caused by a month-long feast of champagne, cheese, steak and indulgent desserts with a 10-day cleanse in January? Probably not. Will you drop a few pounds? Likely. Will that make you feel better about yourself? If so, go for it but be smart and do your homework.

Finding Juice Fasts That Work For You

There are a TON of juice fasts to choose from. I have done the Blueprint Cleanse, Suja Juice and a variety of my own. Prepared fasts are expensive which is why I enjoy making my own juice. That, however, can be labor intensive and messy. Gilt City always has sales on juice fasts. They're currently offering deals on American Juice Company and Oui Juice. Bliss is also offering the Joule Body Cleanse, which I have done in the past, too. 

I use a Breville Juicer and make my own recipes adapted from a variety of books I have read over the years. The 3-Day Cleanse is a good one.

Are you a juicer? Are there any juice fasts you swear by and love?

Browse Juices, Juicers & Juicing Books

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why Yoga Pants Are Making Us Fat

Yoga pants are like a push-up bra for your butt. The right pair lifts your booty and makes you feel like you've squatted your way to a tighter tush. When you feel fat slip on a pair of Nike's Legend Slim yoga pants and you have an instant outfit that fits perfectly. And makes you look skinny, too!

There are multitude of reasons yoga pants are the perfect piece of clothing:

  • They're the ideal travel outfit. 
  • They give us that "just from the gym" look. I'm an athlete, damnit!
  • You can wear them anywhere. 
  • You can eat as much as you want and still fit in them. I can't tell you how many times I have worn them to a boozy brunch featuring mimosas, bloodies and a basket of bread. 

BAM. There's the rub. Or the muffin top.

Yoga pants, yoga pants make you fat

Yoga pants are making us fat.

Those elastic leggings adjust as you do. It's hard to tell if you've gained a pound or twelve because day after day when you slip on your Lululemons, they fit like a glove, one that's slowly getting tighter to the point of becoming see-through.

In my former life when I lived in tight dresses every day for TV purposes, I could tell if I had packed on a few pounds. That Burberry beauty doesn't lie. If I had an indulgent weekend, I felt it on Monday.

But yoga pants, they're like that bitchy girl from high school, the one who lied and said you looked great when you really had Cheetohs cheese dust all over your face.

3 Ways To Avoid Getting Fat Wearing Yoga Pants

Spanx Workout Pants
Spanx Workout Pants - A Sneaky Fat Pill

  1. Actually workout. Yoga pants are awesome if you actually exercise in them. And if you do hit the gym, don't eat Tex-Mex and drink three Mambo Taxis while wearing them afterwards. Trust me. One bowl of queso turns to four in snap. 
  2. Tight jeans. Really. If you're feeling fat or wondering if you have let the scale slide a bit too far, spend a day in your tightest pair of jeans or a form fitting dress. There's nothing like a muffin top spilling over the waistband or that "Holy crap, am I going to rip this seam?" feeling to help you get your diet back on track. 
  3.  Never take off your Spanx workout pants. Yes, these gifts from the Spanx Goddess exist. 
Be honest, have your yoga pants sabotaged you? Do you have another solution? PLEASE share it with me in the comments sections. I'm all ears. Namaste.

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Still love your yoga pants? I do, too. Here a few of my favorites. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Why 30 Minutes of Exercise a Day Will Change Your Life

exercise, 30-minute workouts

Whether it's aerobic exercise, yoga or weight lifting workouts, exercising for as little as 30 minutes a day will change your life. Weight loss aside, exercise makes you feel better, look better and improves your health. You could consider is medicinal.

I promise.

All it takes is 30 minutes most days of the week. That's it. Really.  In the time it takes you to watch half of "The Bachelor" or an old episode of "Sex and The City" you can squeeze in a workout and save your life.

If you're a relatively healthy adult, there is no excuse.

RELATED: Is there such a thing as "negative calorie foods"? An expert weighs in.

You can greatly improve your health with the 30-minutes a day mantra. Gretchen Reynolds reiterated this in the New York Times Magazine in a Q & A titled Double the Workout, Double the Benefits?
In a notable study from 2011, people of all ages who exercised very moderately, for about 15 minutes a day, or approximately half of your current regimen, reduced their risk of dying prematurely by about 14 percent, or the equivalent of three additional years of life. Those whose workouts were twice as long — like yours, 30 minutes per day — saw an additional drop in the risk of premature death, but only by 4 percent. Using that data, other scientists have estimated that people who go really big with their workouts, increasing their exercise time from 50 minutes per day to 120 minutes per day — a 140 percent increase — achieve only about a 5 percent added decrease in their risk of dying too young.
Exercise beyond a certain level may even be counterproductive. When researchers tracked 52,000 adults for 15 years, those who ran 5 to 20 miles a week at a fairly pokey pace of about 9 to 10 minutes a mile received the optimal mortality benefits, the study authors write. The fastest runners and those who completed the most miles every week did not live significantly longer, on average, than people who didn’t run at all. 

Yes, You HAVE the Time to Exercise 30 Minutes a Day!

Every day, I meet women and men every who ask me how I squeeze in my workouts.  I have made it clear that exercise is my "non-negotiable".  I don't give those up.  I get at least five workouts in a week.

weighted hula hoop, hula hoop,
Empower Weighted Hoop - LOVE this
But here's the thing: they aren't always ball-busting, go-all-out-affairs.  Some days it's a brisk walk, a treadmill run, yoga, pilates, hula hooping or a quick weight workout.  

Recently, I was in a time crunch, so I walked 10 minutes to the park with my daughter and the dog.  While she was playing, I jumped rope for about 20 minutes, on and off, and walked back home.  That was a quick workout that also allowed me to spend time with the kid.  She had fun watching me jump rope, as well. 

The majority of us aren't professional athletes, models or actors.  We don't need to "look a certain way" for the cameras or be able to dunk a basketball.  But we DO need our bodies to work for us in every day life: lifting the kids, moving furniture, running up stairs, even getting in and out of chairs. 

A simple 30-minute session of exercise will get the blood flowing, stretch and strengthen your muscles and make you feel better mentally, too.

Great 30-Minute Workout Options

When you're pressed for time, what is your favorite way to exercise?

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How To Determine What Type Of Protein Powder Is Right For You

How to determine the best protein powder
Image via Unsplash

Protein powders are a quick and convenient source of quality, complete protein. If you're a growing teenager it's a good way to fuel workouts. If you're just starting a workout program and trying to build new muscle, you'll need more protein than normal. If you're amping up your workouts, recovering from an injury or going vegan, a protein powder is a good option to consider. 

But there are so many options out there! Still trying to figure out your whey from your casein? And what about egg white, rice and pea (really!) protein? I make my green smoothies with ARIA protein powder but everyone has a unique preference.

Here's a simple cheat sheet to help you navigate the overwhelming minefield that can be the protein powder aisle. 

Share it, Pin it, Tweet it, Facebook it. This is an outstanding cheat sheet from Health Perch to help you determine the right protein powder for you.
Monday, July 7, 2014

Motivation Monday: How to get your diet back on track After an Indulgent Weekend

exercise motivation, go to the gym pillow
This WILL be happening today.
I hope you had a great July 4th weekend. I was supposed to be on a Mediterranean cruise right now but had to postpone it to a later date. Instead I spent a relaxing weekend at a friend's lake house. It was a weekend of indulgence for which I am trying to balance out today with diet and exercise.

I had a green smoothie for breakfast the last two days made of simply kale, a banana, fresh peaches from Ham's Orchard, water and a splash of coconut water. It's delicious. Here are more smoothie recipes. I like to eat fiber-rich foods like watermelon or cauliflower after an indulgent weekend. It's filling without providing too many calories. Try this Buffalo Cauliflower Bites recipe from Mind Over Munch. Amazeballs!

Here's some diet and fitness news to help kickstart your week and get you back on track if you overdid it this weekend.

 Diet And Fitness News You Need To Know 
If you ate or drank too much this weekend don't worry. Eat a produce-heavy diet, drink plenty of water and exercise the next few days. Consume too much salt? Again, load up on water. Drink too much booze? Drink coconut water, Emergen-C (I love both of these) or some other electrolyte replacement beverage and eat a potassium-rich food like a banana. Here are more ways to help you fix bad diet decisions.

It's scientifically proven that exercise improves your life. It sharpens your memory, speeds your metabolism, helps you sleep better and reduces stress. Need more evidence? Read the rest from a recent study by Cleveland State University here.

Heading to the beach this summer? A) Don't forget sunscreen! B) Take a few minutes to exercise. From sand lunges and beach crawling to simple jogging or skipping, here are the best exercises to do at the beach.

SO, it turns there is such a thing as a negative calorie food. Sorta. It's ice. Think about it. Ice requires heat from your body AKA calories to warm it and burn it. Of course, there's a diet book to go with this.

You should drink coffee before you workout. It improves circulation and increases muscle fuel. Find out the other reasons why coffee is the BOMB here.

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Monday Motivation: When In Doubt Work Out

When in doubt work out pillow
I hope you had a great weekend and are looking forward to enjoying a long holiday weekend. I found this "When In Doubt Work Out" pillow and couldn't help but smile. It's pretty solid advice. 

Think of exercise as a reward, not punishment. That approach will change your life. 

Here's some healthy living news to help you win your week:

Make it a great week!
Monday, June 23, 2014

15 Weird Diet Tricks That Work

Earlier this year, we shared the 25 best diet tips of all time.  I stumbled across an article recently detailing weird weight loss tricks that work from Allure.

nothing tastes as good as skinny feels
I found  this t-shirt online and couldn't help but smile.

There are some of the usual suspects like eat off small plates (a proven weight loss winner) and give up the guilt. The latter is a diet gamechanger. Turns out the stress induced by the guilt of overeating can cause you to eat more. Just enjoy an indulgent meal and move on. That has saved me in more ways than one.

Some of the other suggestions are fascinating and smart:
  • When eating out, sit at the end of a table away from the center where the bread and chips are normally placed. Easy, simple and genius. 
  • Sleeping in a chilly bedroom can help rev up your metabolism. It forces your body to heat itself up and, in turn, you will burn calories keeping yourself warm. 
  • Researchers have found that drinking one to two glasses of wine a day helps keep your weight down. Why? Well researchers can't exactly explain but they have found that women tend to eat fewer calories when drinking wine and burn more calories after drinking than men do. The key? It's moderate wine consumption.
  • Check your allergy meds, these can be a sneaky cause of unexplained weight gain because H1-type antihistamines like Claritin or Allegra block the histamine's in the immune which play a role in appetite and metabolizing fat. 

One More
I would add perhaps my most effective one: put your fork down between bites. It forces you to eat slower which allows your brain to signal your stomach you're full. It works. Promise.

Friday, June 6, 2014

An Interview With Exhale Co-Founder Fred DeVito: Why Core Fusion & Barre Classes Are Great For Men

One of the best Father's Day gifts you can give your favorite dad is one that will make him a healthier man.

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exhale's Core Fusion class
I have become addicted to exhale's Core Fusion Barre classes Dallas' Hotel Palomar.  They do a better job of lifting my booty than just about anything else.  There are a few men who take the classes but not many.  I contend guys should consider these workouts for two reasons:
  1. It's a phenomenal way to strengthen your entire body, particularly your core, while gaining flexibility.  
  2. It's a great way to meet girls!  The girl to guy ratio is usually 10:1.  That's why I am dragging my 27-year old brother with me.  True story: one NBA player told me "If you want to meet the hotties you gotta take pilates." Wise words.  I digress.  
Exhale Core Fusion classes were co-created by Fred DeVito.  He and his wife, Elisabeth Halfpapp, are the athletic brains behind the program that is a true gamechanger.

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me and exhale co-founder, Fred Devito

During his May visit to Dallas, he shared the benefits of barre and Core Fusion classes for men with me prior to teaching a booty-kicking Core Fusion Barre class.

"We focus on things in our class that men don't focus on: flexibility and core strength," Devito said.  "Men focus on cardio and weights.  They’re good at that."

"The philosophy is that you’re only as strong as your weakest link in a chain.  If you strengthen the weakest links in your body, your entire fitness level will improve.  You’ll reduce the risk of injuries.  You’ll perform better, look better and feel better."  

"To get there it takes dedication, consistency and commitment.  You gotta work your butt off and you have to allow some time to see results and that’s difficult." 

DeVito suggests signing up the father or sig-o in your life for a class you're not taking. 

"Men don’t want to be in the situation where they’re looking stupid," he admits. 

"Get him to a class you’re not taking because then he’s not worrying about what you're thinking about him."

That's smart.  I'm trying to get not only my brother but also my husband to join me.  I know I'll give them crap for looking awkward while trying to master the moves.  

The Takeaway
In all seriousness, a series of classes, gym membership or session with a personal trainer is a great gift for the man in your life.  Whether he's looking for a change of pace or starting a program, he'll notice an enormous gain in strength, flexibility and stamina by taking these types of classes.

Click here for the latest exhale Dallas class schedule.

Core Fusion Extreme
As for what's next for exhale, they will be rolling out Core Fusion Extreme, a high intensity interval training class in a few weeks.

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"It incorporates station work where they will be five stations.  You’ll rotate around and do 45 seconds of each exercise multiple times. It is a kick ass class.  When you’re done with the stations there’s center core work for balance and stability."

It's a one-hour class that will feature TREX suspension training, plyometrics, heavy weights and sliders.

"It’s all based on our core fusion principles and on working with correct form.  A lot of classes are about speed (i.e. how many reps can you do in 45 seconds).  We’d rather you pace yourself and work correctly so you don’t get hurt and build your endurance and stamina."

Don't have an exhale near you?  You can exercise with one of their DVDs.

Scroll through the selection below to learn more. 

*exhale provides classes on a complimentary basis.  Opinions expressed here are my own.