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How To Determine What Type Of Protein Powder Is Right For You

How to determine the best protein powder
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Protein powders are a quick and convenient source of quality, complete protein. If you're a growing teenager it's a good way to fuel workouts. If you're just starting a workout program and trying to build new muscle, you'll need more protein than normal. If you're amping up your workouts, recovering from an injury or going vegan, a protein powder is a good option to consider. 

But there are so many options out there! Still trying to figure out your whey from your casein? And what about egg white, rice and pea (really!) protein? I make my green smoothies with ARIA protein powder but everyone has a unique preference.

Here's a simple cheat sheet to help you navigate the overwhelming minefield that can be the protein powder aisle. 

Share it, Pin it, Tweet it, Facebook it. This is an outstanding cheat sheet from Health Perch to help you determine the right protein powder for you.

The Scoop on Protein Powder: How to Choose the Right Supplement Infographic
"The Scoop on Protein Powder" on Health Perch

The Best Protein Powders
So what's a good brand to try? Everyone I know who uses it (and there are a lot of people) SWEARS by Jay Robb's egg white protein powder, which is made from 100% natural ingredients and pure egg whites. He also makes a popular whey protein powder.

Have I missed one? Share your favorite in the comments section. 

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