Friday, July 25, 2014

UT Misspells 'TEXAS' And It's Glorious

The University of Texas Sports Information Department dropped the ball in its 2014 media guide.

Instead of promoting its website, a typo appears as footer at the bottom of every, single stinking page., anyone?

I get how easy it is to make a snafu like this one. Lord knows this blog is full of them. Call me petty, but I bet anyone who has had to deal with the UT Sports Information Department is doing the happy dance. They can be one of the more difficult PR staffs in the business. Just sayin....
Image via
Oklahoma fans are reveling in this, too. One OU fan has purchased the website and filled the page with logos like the one above.

Of course, there is the obligatory Twitter handle, too.

I love college football! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Score A Fashion Touchdown With These Looks That Are Perfect For College Football Season

If you're looking to build your fall wardrobe for college football season, NOW is the time to do it. From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to Tory Burch and Shopbop, there are so many crazy good sales right now. You can score some killer finds that will help you score a fashion touchdown.
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When it comes to dressing for a fall football game, I like wearing branded gear but I also love building my wardrobe with team colors. That way, you can wear looks not only to a tailgate and the game but you can also wear them throughout the week at work or school.
Accessories are also a great way to support your favorite team. From these Baylor-yellow Kendra Scott earrings to a colorful Texas burnt orange Gigi New York purse, these work perfectly at any time.

Scroll through for a variety of looks that are perfect for your favorite school's season opener and beyond.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Remembering Robert Newhouse

Anyone who has met or talked to Robert Newhouse for more than a minute has a story about the man whose halfback option pass to Golden Richards resulted in a touchdown in Super Bowl XII. It helped the Cowboys beat the Broncos 27-10 for their second Lombardi Trophy.

He was a part of Cowboys history. But for many of us, he was so much more. He was a man we were lucky enough to call a friend.

From revisiting the fields at Cal Lutheran College and reminiscing about Cowboys training camp in the 1970's to simply chatting with him in the hallways of Valley Ranch, House (as we all called him) was always willing to answer questions or offer a kind word.

Not Wanting To Let Down Coach Landry
Hearing him describe Cowboys training camp at Cal Lutheran College remains a highlight of my professional career. For a story for Cowboys TV in the early 2000's, I along with House, the late John Chang and Chris Behm visited CLC to get his impression of the Cowboys training camp home two decades later.

We walked the path House and his teammates took day after day from the dorms to the practice fields. He admitted that the path seemed longer and hotter during those training camp days in the 1970's than it actually was. We toured the exact dorm he shared with teammates. We saw the desk where he studied his playbook.

He described the pain his body felt during camp as he tried to get back in shape for the season. It was the soreness so many of us feel after pushing ourselves. He wouldn't let that pain stop him. He didn't want to be the player who let down Coach Landry by being a step slow in practice. He reiterated that "not disappointing Coach Landry concept" a number of times during our tour of CLC.

I am not sure that matters to many players today.

One Last Visit
The last time I saw Robert Newhouse was about two years ago. He suffered a stroke in 2010. He was not the strong man with those powerful running back's thighs we all grew to love. He didn't have the strength to be that man, yet he was true to who he was: kind, warm and generous.

Understanding this could be one of our final visits, I selfishly reminded him of some of the sillier experiences we've had: a random dinner with John and Chris at El Pollo Loco, coffee with a certain Pro Football Hall of Famer at the Beverly Hills Hotel along with countless Valley Ranch visits dominated by me pestering him about aspects of the game. He has helped me understand more about the NFL than I ever deserved to know.

It's so easy to romanticize those Cowboys players of the 1970's. I have had the good fortune of meeting most of them. They're all great guys. Robert Newhouse, though, was perhaps one of the best: a genuine man who cared. A person who made an impression. An impression that lasts a lifetime.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tory Burch X FitBit Collaboration

Tory Burch FitBit Cuff
Tory Burch X FitBit Cuff
Users wax poetic about their FitBits. David Sedaris, anyone? The Nike FuelBand is a different story (I have one and never use it).  Now fashionable FitBit users will be waxing even more with the Tory Burch x FitBit collaboration.

The designer has produced a chic geometric cuff ($195) and pendant ($175) that can help you stay stylish while tracking your movement.

Tory Burch x FitBit Pendant
Tory Burch X FitBit Pendant/Image via
The cuff can go anywhere and will look great stacked with other bracelets on your arm while the pendant adds an elegant Art Deco look to a number of outfits. I think the gold and black contrast is beautiful.

To use these, simply snap the tracker out of a FitBit Flex bracelet and place it into the cuff or pendant. It will track your steps, distance traveled and calories burned just like the original piece of equipment. You can snap the tracker back into the FitBit Flex to track your sleep patterns.

These are available for pre-order at Tory Burch and will ship no later than 8/31, according to the website. For those people that love all things Tory, this is something that hits the right note for the Tory Burch fan who is also a fitness fanatic.

I think it's a chic way to track your daily activity. What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Will jewelry have you using your FitBit more?

Browse The Tory Burch x FitBit Collaboration


Mid-Week Cheat Sheet: Dirk Takes a Pay Cut, Parsons Does Dallas, Orton Gets the Boot

I hope you're having a great week. I have recovered from a decadently wonderful trip to Las Vegas. Here is all you need to keep up with the sports conversation at work, on a date or at the game.

Mavtastic Week
It's been a VERY good week for Mavericks fans. Dallas re-signed Dirk Nowitzki who took a substantial pay cut to remain in Dallas. Sure, Nowitzki is still getting $25 million over the three years but he reportedly had interest from the Rockets and Lakers but didn't even enter negotiations with either team.

How can you not love him? Although, I can imagine employers across Dallas/Fort Worth saying "Dirk took a pay cut" when employees ask for a raise.

The Mavs also signed forward Chandler Parsons on Tuesday. He was reportedly upset with the way the Rockets handled but I am curious how he'll handle the end of his bromance with Jeremy Lin. See a complete compilation of the bromance here.

The Mavericks are also reportedly planning to sign forward Rashard Lewis.

Cowboys Cut Orton 
The Cowboys cut backup quarterback Kyle Orton on Wednesday. He skipped all of his offseason workouts and made it clear he didn't want to return to Dallas.

Rangers Don't Lose!
The good news about Tuesday night? The Rangers didn't lose! To be fair, they didn't win, either, but the American League did beat the National League 5-3 in the All-Star game.

Texas Pitcher Yu Darvish seemed to love the experience taking selfies with former Rangers Nelson Cruz, Ian Kinsler and Koji Uehara. He pitched a 1-2-3 third inning.

The Rangers lost eight straight games heading into the All-Star break and at 38-57, have the worst record in baseball. They open a series in Toronto on Friday.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

The Bastille Day Edition of Motivation Monday

July 14th marks the French holiday, technically French National Day or La Fête Nationale, called Bastille Day which commemorates the day in 1789 when legions of Parisians stormed the Bastille, a fortress turned prison. The storming was the beginning of the French Revolution.

Why use Bastille Day as inspiration for Motivation Monday? Two reasons:

  1. If you haven't been to France, what are you waiting for? GO. Plan a trip. It's worth the hassle of the plane ride for an experience that will move you. Looking for trip guidance? Read about traveling to Paris with a babydoing it again, scoring cheaper business class tickets to Paris and tips on how to rent a Paris apartment. 
  2. The French have a great approach to overall eating: enjoy your food, savor it, don't overindulge and don't snack. 
The latter is an approach to eating that can be incorporated into your daily life. Every time I visit Paris, I eat sumptuous, gorgeous food that's fresh and well-prepared. There's always wine and usually a cheese course. Many times it's just wine and cheese. The thing is, I am always satiated and normally lose weight on these trips. 
Yes, we're walking about six miles a day exploring the city but the fresh, preservative-free food makes a difference as does the lack of snacking. There's no run to a vending machine or quick trip to the pantry for crackers or a handful of cereal at 4pm. It's well-timed and well-portioned meals that satiate you and have you looking forward to the next one. 

Healthier French Recipes To Try
Want to bring a bit of French fare to your home? Try one of these 20 healthy French recipes from Food & Wine, featuring a healthier French onion soup, lentils with red wine and herbs and many more mouthwatering recipes. 

Or simply enjoy a quick and beautiful nicoise salad with some Sancerre. Plate boiled potatoes, steamed haricot verts, Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs and whatever fresh seasoning floats your boat. Top with a quality packed canned tuna or salmon (my preference). I like to use plain balsamic vinegar as dressing but it also pairs perfectly with Dijon vinaigrette which takes all of five minutes to make. 
Clafoutis is an incredibly popular dessert from rural southern France but when traditionally made with butter and whole milk, it can be heavy. Lighten it up without missing the calories by using nonfat milk and nixing the butter. I have made this healthier cherry clafoutis and it was delicious. Also try this apricot-almond version.
I hope you have a great week! Whatever it involves, enjoy it, savor it and own it.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

How Twitter Reacted To Lebron James Returning To Cleveland

When Sports Illustrated tweeted this at 11:21am CT, the sports world exploded.  Lebron James announcement that he is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers almost broke Twitter. Only 20 minutes later, that particular tweet had been retweeted more than 14,000 times.

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert responded with this:
Followed by this:
It took all of a nanosecond for the TwitterVerse to explode:


Thursday, July 10, 2014

That Sports Girl Dictionary: Puck Bunnies

When defining "Baseline Bimbo" last week, I was brain farted and couldn't remember our term for hockey ho's. Thank goodness I have friends in the right places because one hockey savant reminded of this beautiful term: Puck Bunnies.

It's really self-explanatory, isn't it?

These women are so pervasive that the Red Wings Twitter account offered some smart advice for an aspiring puck bunny. There's even a Tumblr feed devoted to this breed of women.


Monday, July 7, 2014

Motivation Monday: How to get your diet back on track After an Indulgent Weekend

exercise motivation, go to the gym pillow
This WILL be happening today.
I hope you had a great July 4th weekend. I was supposed to be on a Mediterranean cruise right now but had to postpone it to a later date. Instead I spent a relaxing weekend at a friend's lake house. It was a weekend of indulgence for which I am trying to balance out today with diet and exercise.

I had a green smoothie for breakfast the last two days made of simply kale, a banana, fresh peaches from Ham's Orchard, water and a splash of coconut water. It's delicious. Here are more smoothie recipes. I like to eat fiber-rich foods like watermelon or cauliflower after an indulgent weekend. It's filling without providing too many calories. Try this Buffalo Cauliflower Bites recipe from Mind Over Munch. Amazeballs!

Here's some diet and fitness news to help kickstart your week and get you back on track if you overdid it this weekend.

 Diet And Fitness News You Need To Know 
If you ate or drank too much this weekend don't worry. Eat a produce-heavy diet, drink plenty of water and exercise the next few days. Consume too much salt? Again, load up on water. Drink too much booze? Drink coconut water, Emergen-C (I love both of these) or some other electrolyte replacement beverage and eat a potassium-rich food like a banana. Here are more ways to help you fix bad diet decisions.

It's scientifically proven that exercise improves your life. It sharpens your memory, speeds your metabolism, helps you sleep better and reduces stress. Need more evidence? Read the rest from a recent study by Cleveland State University here.

Heading to the beach this summer? A) Don't forget sunscreen! B) Take a few minutes to exercise. From sand lunges and beach crawling to simple jogging or skipping, here are the best exercises to do at the beach.

SO, it turns there is such a thing as a negative calorie food. Sorta. It's ice. Think about it. Ice requires heat from your body AKA calories to warm it and burn it. Of course, there's a diet book to go with this.

You should drink coffee before you workout. It improves circulation and increases muscle fuel. Find out the other reasons why coffee is the BOMB here.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

That Sports Girl Dictionary: Baseline Bimbo

You wouldn't believe the efforts I've seen from women looking to score a professional athlete while they're actually playing a game. It's kind of sad when you think about it because if these ladies applied a similar effort to their work, they'd be wildly successful.

For the most part, these women are gorgeous, beautifully dressed and are never shy. They'd be great sales people.

From two strippers shouting "HORNY FOR THREE" when their favorite basketball player would hit 3-pointers to Gheorghe Muresan (Google him) getting a woman's number courtside during a game, there's no limit to what one might encounter.

I have even been propositioned by them. Minds out of the gutter: I have been offered free clothing by couture sales associates and money in exchange for my credential in order for these ladies to gain access to players locker rooms.

This is not limited to basketball, although basketball players are the easiest ones with which to mingle while they're working. Baseball has Ballpark Bimbos. Football has Sideline Bimbos. Hockey? They definitely have bimbos but I'm not sure what we'd call them. Glass bimbos?

Regardless, whatever they're doing it works because they keep doing it....and succeeding.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mid-Week Cheat Sheet: See All Of Tim Howard's 16 Saves, Mike Mikolas Eat A Lizard & More

The run is over. The US men's soccer team lost to Belgium in extra time on Tuesday, ending their exciting World Cup run. You knew that already, though.

Here are all 16 of Tim Howard's save in one video.

What to say at work: 
Howard's 16 saves were the most in the World Cup since FIFA started keeping track of that in 2002.

Of course, there are now memes popping up everywhere featuring "things Tim Howard could save". Brilliant.

Here's my question: will you go back to not caring about soccer or has the obsession with the USMNT's World Cup run gotten you interested in the sport?

Mavs Prepping for Melo
The Mavericks are preparing for a visit with free agent forward Carmelo Anthony who paid the Bulls a visit on Tuesday. In the meantime, Dirk Nowitzki is a free agent and while the team has made progress on a new deal for him, finalizing his new deal is on hold until the team meets with Anthony.

Do You Really Want to Know? 
The Rangers lost to the Orioles 8-3 on Tuesday as former Rangers hit his 26th home run of the season for Baltimore on what was his 34th birthday. Ouch.

After designating Joe Saunders for assignment, the Rangers have recalled RHP Mike Mikolas from Round Rock who once ate a live lizard. So there's that. He'll start for Texas against the Orioles on Wednesday night.

Cowboys Carousel 
The Cowboys put linebacker Sean Lee on injured reserve, officially ending his season. The team acquired linebacker Rolando McClain in a trade with Baltimore to add depth at the linebacker position.

Serena Retires
Serena Williams had to quit retire her second-round doubles match at Wimbledon three games into the first set. She appeared disoriented and Tournament officials later said she had a viral illness.
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