Monday, February 4, 2013

Suja Master Cleanse Juice: FINALLY A Way To Drink The Master Cleanse Juice And Not Gag

suja juice, master cleanse, juice

Have you ever tried to master the Master Cleanse, the juice fast created by Stanley Burroughs?  It's popular and helps you drop pounds fast.  Burroughs claims weight loss isn't the point.  Please.

Regardless of your Master Cleanse goal, the juice tastes horrific.  It's a blend of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, grade B maple syrup and water.  The first time you try it, you might gag.

Suja Juice is trying to make the urine-colored (really) concoction a little more palatable with their Master Cleanse juice.  I first saw it at Whole Foods and almost gagged at the price.  It is $8.99, too much for me to drop on something I might poor down the drain.   I went back later in the week and saw a $3 off coupon attached to the bottles so I took the plunge.

Suja Juice, master cleanse, Juice

The Verdict?
It's not bad!   You taste a definite heat from the cayenne pepper.  There's a decent amount of afterburn but it's not too strong.  It's almost pleasant, like a quality salsa fresca.   You also taste a hint of lemon but not much maple syrup.  In fact I couldn't even sense it.  It's lightly sweetened, not syrupy at all.

It's also not a guzzling drink.  The heat from the cayenne makes this a liquid you definitely need to sip slowly which is a good thing if you're drinking it at work or as a midmorning snack.  Sipping it slowly makes it last longer and, therefore, more satiating.

This is a good option for those of you who want to try the Master Cleanse and either A) don't have time to make a big batch of juice or b) get the proportions wrong.  I always seem to do that latter and end up with a lemon/cayenne/maple bomb that has me throwing out the vile liquid following the first sip.

This stuff is pretty tasty if you're into the juice thing.   Whole Foods also had a variety of other Suja products including a wide range of green juices and a tasty looking nut milk.

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