Monday, May 25, 2015

4 Simple Diet & Fitness Tips To Help You Get Ready For Summer

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With Memorial Day behind us, summer has unofficially started. Pools are open which, in turn, means bathing suit season is here.

Are you ready? Me? Sorta.

Innergy Fitness owner, trainer and nutrition expert Stephanie Hanson recently shared a few secrets with me to help us feel better during the summer months. You know the routine: we're wearing tank tops, shorts and bathing suits. We want to feel good about doing that. Stephanie's tips can help. They don't require any crazy weight loss regime, diet pills or ridiculous exercise program. They're along the lines of the smart, simple strategies that I have been preaching for years.

Let's Talk Diet Kryptonite:
No matter how strong our willpower is, most of us have a "diet kryptonite". Stephanie has a thing for chocolate and pumpkin pie. Me? It's sweets: ice cream, frozen yogurt, gummy candies. Eating any of these treats in moderation won't hurt you but that's the thing: it's hard for me to do moderation. That's why they're my kryptonite.

 I try not to keep those things in the house because once I start eating them, it's tough for me to stop. I want to know:

What's your diet kryptonite? Please share in the comments section. 

Let's dive a little further into two recommendations that Stephanie makes.

Why Lemon Water & Cayenne Pepper Works: 
Lemon is a natural detoxifier as vitamin C can transform toxins into digestible material. Lemon is also known to stimulate the liver’s natural enzymes by helping to oxygenate the body.

Cayenne pepper stimulates the circulatory system by opening the capillaries, helping with digestion, and regulating blood sugar. It can also increase the temperature of your body and kick-start your metabolism, which, in theory, can help you to lose weight over time. Learn more here.

Why Exercising On An Empty Stomach First Thing In The Morning Works: 
Moderate exercise is key. You haven't eaten anything or added fuel to your system. It would be difficult for most people to perform an "all-out" workout on an empty stomach. I like to walk the dog or hula hoop for 20 minutes before eating anything. I have been doing this for about three weeks and have noticed a difference. I have lost about a pound without making any other diet or fitness changes.

Click HERE to learn how to love exercise even when you hate it. 

Exercising on an empty stomach, theoretically, helps you use more fat than carbohydrates for fuel, meaning you're burning more stored fat. Learn more here.

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