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Why Yoga Pants Are Making Us Fat

Yoga pants are like a push-up bra for your butt. The right pair lifts your booty and makes you feel like you've squatted your way to a tighter tush. When you feel fat slip on a pair of Nike's Legend Slim yoga pants and you have an instant outfit that fits perfectly. And makes you look skinny, too!

There are multitude of reasons yoga pants are the perfect piece of clothing:

  • They're the ideal travel outfit. 
  • They give us that "just from the gym" look. I'm an athlete, damnit!
  • You can wear them anywhere. 
  • You can eat as much as you want and still fit in them. I can't tell you how many times I have worn them to a boozy brunch featuring mimosas, bloodies and a basket of bread. 

BAM. There's the rub. Or the muffin top.

Yoga pants, yoga pants make you fat

Yoga pants are making us fat.

Those elastic leggings adjust as you do. It's hard to tell if you've gained a pound or twelve because day after day when you slip on your Lululemons, they fit like a glove, one that's slowly getting tighter to the point of becoming see-through.

In my former life when I lived in tight dresses every day for TV purposes, I could tell if I had packed on a few pounds. That Burberry beauty doesn't lie. If I had an indulgent weekend, I felt it on Monday.

But yoga pants, they're like that bitchy girl from high school, the one who lied and said you looked great when you really had Cheetohs cheese dust all over your face.

3 Ways To Avoid Getting Fat Wearing Yoga Pants

Spanx Workout Pants
Spanx Workout Pants - A Sneaky Fat Pill

  1. Actually workout. Yoga pants are awesome if you actually exercise in them. And if you do hit the gym, don't eat Tex-Mex and drink three Mambo Taxis while wearing them afterwards. Trust me. One bowl of queso turns to four in snap. 
  2. Tight jeans. Really. If you're feeling fat or wondering if you have let the scale slide a bit too far, spend a day in your tightest pair of jeans or a form fitting dress. There's nothing like a muffin top spilling over the waistband or that "Holy crap, am I going to rip this seam?" feeling to help you get your diet back on track. 
  3.  Never take off your Spanx workout pants. Yes, these gifts from the Spanx Goddess exist. 
Be honest, have your yoga pants sabotaged you? Do you have another solution? PLEASE share it with me in the comments sections. I'm all ears. Namaste.

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Still love your yoga pants? I do, too. Here a few of my favorites. 

8 comments on "Why Yoga Pants Are Making Us Fat "
  1. I need to get some of these pants! I like your point, though--wear them if they are comfy and make you feel good, but don't just feel good in them. DO SOMETHING. Putting on those tight jeans is always a good reminder!

    1. The Spanx pants are fabulous, as are the Nike ones, Kirsten. I am never doing brunch again, though, in yoga pants, they're an invitation to pork out.

  2. Ha this is all so true! Never thought about it that way!


  3. Alice, they can be one big fat pill! :)

  4. OMG I live in my workout gear. I do actually go to the gym, but then stay in the yoga pants...last week I made a rule for myself, out of the gear within one hour of getting home. Otherwise working from home turns into one big slob fest. As for those is the bikini that frightens me more. Summer is on the way here so my resolve has no time to waver! Thanks for the push...

    1. Monique, I would LIVE in yoga pants if I could. And you are SO right about the "working from home slob fest". :) I swear, though, they are a fat pill. I did brunch in them on Saturday, claiming the "day after Halloween" excuse.

  5. I refuse to wear regular yoga pants. The Spanx ones are the only ones I wear. Maybe this is just mind over matter but they actually feel like they support my back/core better while I'm working out. Also, I am super stoked to see that someone else has the "no brunch in elastic pants" rule. I have a deal I make with myself. If I let myself go to brunch, I have to wear jeans or a zip up skirt. Sounds crazy but it actually works!

  6. This has encouraged me to more zealously stick to my 1988 Firm workout with Janet Jones - in the correct gear!!! Minus the leg-warmers..... hee hee. Best workout DVD ever (used to be video-tape)!!! Yep, I'm over 40 ;0)... But I really don't dress for it correctly - even throwing on a house dress... what am I thinking? Laziness.....


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