Wednesday, May 21, 2014

10 Supposedly Healthy Foods That Can Sabotage Your Diet

Did you have a juice-packed smoothie for breakfast, followed by a cheese and crouton-laden salad, a granola bar for a snack and a plate full of sushi with rice for dinner?  Pretty healthy, right?  Not so fast. 

If you're not careful, some so-called healthy foods can do serious diet damage.  Fox News features "10 That Can Destroy Your Diet".

They're gluten-free but still a treat, not a diet staple.
  1. Gluten-free foods - to eliminate gluten, food manufacturers add fat, sugar and starch.  This "free" food isn't so calorie-free.
  2. Coconut oil  - while it's having an oil-pulling moment, coconut oil is still a fat.  Don't go overboard with it. 
  3. Yogurt - I think yogurt is overrated, especially those sugary yogurts packed with high fructose corn syrup and syrupy fruit.  Get some Greek plain yogurt and add your own fruit. 
  4. Sushi - I LOVE sushi but that rice is a diet saboteur.  Ask for light rice with your sushi or simply eliminate most of it.  You won't miss it.  Your plate will be a mess, but you'll save calories. 
  5. Smoothies - if you pack your smoothies with juice and "boosts" it can be a calorie bomb.  Make a green smoothie with low-calorie almond milk.  You'll love it.  Here are some other recipes
  6. Dried Fruit - sure it's fruit but it's a calorie-dense, sugar-packed snack.  Tread lightly with this diet disaster.
  7. Salad - are you getting fat eating salads?  If you're topping your salad with cheese, nuts, croutons, fried won tons, dried fruit and creamy dressing, you're not doing yourself any favors.  Use simple balsamic vinegar on your salad in place of dressing.  Learn more about slender salads here. 
  8. Wraps - I love wrap sandwiches but those wraps are essentially big tortillas with lots of calories.  Try La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Tortillas.  They'll save you a few calories.  
  9. Granola - while granola is made of healthy ingredients, the calories in those ingredients add up: nuts, seeds, oats, dried fruit.  These are all calorie-dense foods.  A serving is usually a 1/4 cup.  How many of us really eat 1/4 cup?  I eat handfuls.  That's like 600 calories. 
  10. Corn - corn on the cob is a summer staple but it's a starchy carb.  Enjoy one ear of corn with no butter.  Add other fresh veggies like cucumber and jicama with maybe some hummus and salsa to your summer BBQ.  You'll love it, promise.
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