Thursday, May 29, 2014

Diet & Fitness News You Need To Know

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Clockwise from L to R: Kissing a fish at Dirk's Fish Market, Mushroom & Kale Pie at Pleasant House, Hibiscus Tea Soda at Pleasant House, Otto Gepperth at Gepperth's Meat Market 
I spent Wednesday in Chicago, chronicling food porn and eating my way through the city for a video shoot.  It was awesome, indulgent and motivation to stay committed to my fitness and healthy eating regime.

Here's the latest diet and fitness nuggets you need to know:
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When "The Body" shares fitness tips, it's time to listen.  50-year old supermodel Elle McPherson (yeah, 50!) shared her healthy living tips with British Vogue.  Her advice is practical: move every day, make fitness a priority, get your sleep and drink lots of water.  Read the rest here.

From a 50-year old Aussie to a group of 99-year old fit Aussies, these senior citizens prove you're never too old to exercise.  It IS the fountain of youth.

Pregnant?  Exercise benefits both you AND your baby (check with your doctor first!).  Learn how exercise made my pregnancy a breeze.

How about the Ice Diet?  Turns out eating ice burns calories because it requires your body's energy to melt the ice.  One doctor suggests this can be an actual weight loss tool.  My take: the calorie burn is minuscule. Don't bank on this being the next big diet thing.

And in case your curious, I shared my fitness and healthy living approach with D Magazine's new Be Well blog.  This got me thinking: If you only have 20 minutes, what's your go-to workout?

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