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That Sports Girl Media leverages two decades worth of multimedia communications and television broadcasting experience to help your company in a variety of ways:

Webcast Production 
Do you want broadcast-quality corporate webcasts? From coaching your moderator to advice on how to produce an engaging webcast, we offer a proven system that yields tangible results thanks to experience gained from years of producing and hosting award-winning television shows.

Corporate Storytelling 
Don't wait until your company is 50 years old to tell its story. You'll be trying to cram five decades worth of accomplishments into a four minute video. By documenting your corporate achievements, profiling valuable clients and rewarding all-star employees, you can create a media library that will enhance your brand. We can provide everything you need to tell your company's story ranging from full-scale video features to simple blog posts. 

Here are examples of what we can do: 

Artizone and Its Artisans

Bud Light World Cup Party Winner William Reese

Speech Coaching 
Public speaking is tough. We get it. We can coach your spokespeople and executives so they are at ease making presentations and speaking to the media.   

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Email me at, Tweet me or call me at 972-591-3419.  

These are some of the companies and brands we've helped: 

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