Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blueprint Cleanse Day 2: A Lesson Learned & Gubnatorial Challenge

Day 2 was the same juice routine: 3 green juices, 1 pineapple/mint/apple (I wish it was a mojito) juice, lemon cayenne pepper and cashew milk.

Late in the evening, around 7:45 during our TXA21 broadcast, I was starving.  Absolutely starving and while I thought I brought my final juice of the day, the cashew milk, with me to work, I realized I hadn't.  Horror, panic and fear all set in.  My arm is looking appetizing at this point.  I decide to go for a double: green tea and some of that nasty, sugar-free hot chocolate we have at the station.  The tea is usually a good choice to satiate my 300-pound lineman appetite.  The interesting thing is that I started to drink the sugar-free hot chocolate and I couldn't finish it!  I was so surprised and downright happy that I thought it was ......wait for it.....TOO SWEET.  I'm a certified sweet/sugar addict and I couldn't get it down.  Hello, progress!

So our TXA21 broadcast ends and I am racing to get out the door and drive the 30 minutes back to Dallas and devour that cashew milk when I look below my cubicle and see it: that poor, little 16-oz bottle of cashew milk.  I knew I had brought it with me to the station!  It had fallen out of my cooler.  At this point it was warm.  That didn't do much for me.  I race home, get back around 9:30 and savor that beautifully cold cashew milk from the fridge.  By this point my hunger had subsided. 

I think that's a key lesson.  I am a HIGH volume eater.  While I eat healthily, I eat a lot.  I will generally snack on something when I have a craving and many times that could be something sweet: whether it's fruit, a Kashi bar or some of those damn M&M's my colleague has on his desk.   This was a big step for me, feeling that powerful hunger subside over time was something I am not used to doing.  I hope it's something I can carry over to my non-cleansing life.  

On the scale Thursday morning, it showed I've lost four total pounds.  I don't have really much to lose, just water weight to eliminate.  Tonight will be a challenge: a cocktail party and dinner honoring former Texas governor Bill Clements for his contributions to UT.  Do I drink the seltzer and say "no thanks" when the rubber chicken arrives?  Or do I freeze my evening juices for tomorrow, break the fast tonight and juice till dinner tomorrow?  Decisions, decisions.  Stay tuned!
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