Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hooey Diet Alert: Hoodia Ice Cubes Help You Drop Pounds?

Please.  What's the saying?  If it sounds too good be true.....

It's called the Hoodia Ice Cube diet.   In theory, you either drop one hoodia-filled ice cube into some liquid or just pop the frozen cube straight every day.  The hoodia frozen in the ice cube is from a succulent plant native to the African desert.  Desert Labs, the company that manufactures the little green cubes, says they contain a molecule called P57 that is supposed to suppress your appetite.

Hoodia started getting a lot of press a few years ago as a supplement that tricks your brain into thinking you're full .  60 Minutes even profiled the plant in 2004.  It does have some scientific evidence to back up the appetite-suppressing claims but it's still pretty cloudy. 

I personally have never tried hoodia pills, so I can't provide any testimony.  I will say some friends and family members have tried it and they haven't lost a single pound thanks to hoodia.

This Ice Cube Diet thing sounds about as effective as some kooky get-rich-quick-scheme of stuffing envelopes and hawking phone cards.  These Cubists claim that popping one 1-calorie, all-natural ice cube will help you eat less, balance your hunger and stop cravings.  The company even cites a study of 111 women who "wanted to lose weight and solve their dieting problems."  These women tried the diet cube for 40 days and results were AMAZING!

Check out Desert Labs' claims:
-88% lost significant pounds!
-70% said they would definitely purchase the product right now!
-64% reported that it was far better than expected!
-37% reported that it helped them eat less at meals and was refreshing to take
-46% said that they maintained an appetite
-More than 70% liked the frozen form of the Hoodia and more than 50% appreciated the natural and healthy aspects of the Ice Cubes
-Over 80% shared that the Ice Cubes were easy to take, that there were no unpleasant side effects, and that the diet was easy to follow and remember
-When asked if the The Ice Cube Diet would help them achieve their long term goals, 44% reported; Yes, definitely, and 44% said Maybe
-The majority of participants declared they would recommend the Diet to their friends!

What's interesting is that we're not hearing from any of these women.  To date, the only testimonial you can find is a woman who is a Desert Labs employee who says she started the diet and then started working for Desert Labs.  Convenient, yes?

I'm all for experimenting to find what works (please - I drink apple cider vinegar).  But spending $64.95 for  a 40-day supply of these cubes up to $109.95 for an 80-day supply has hooey alert written all over it.

That's why it's so frustrating to see this stuff.  People see one woman who has AMAZING SUCCESS(!!!!)and get sucked in.  I've been sucked in by a ton of crap: hello ephedra.  I guarantee a solid weight-loss/maintenance formula has nothing to do with diet hoodia ice cubes.  Eat well, but not too much, and get some good exercise most days of the week.  It's a guaranteed formula for weight loss success.
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  1. Well, I tried commenting on the post about the walk, but had no luck. At any rate, I must say how much Carla inspired me. She is beautiful inside and out! I see why my grand niece calls her Princess Carla! Kudos, dear friend!!

    Lynette DeBose

  2. Hoodia is effective as an
    appetite suppressant and should be used with a good diet and exercise regime


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