Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fenway Park Fun in Photos

View looking up to the press box from the camera well next to the Rangers dugout.
From fighting through hour-long rain delays that forced fans to jam-pack into the concourse to learning the significance of the red seat in right field, we did Fenway Park.  I didn't know quite what to expect.  It blew me away.

The structure is old and dated, yet its history is unmistakable and it possesses a charm that no amount of money can buy.  Here are a few of our photographic highlights, taken with the crappiest cell phone camera HTC makes.   Have to dedicate these pics to my friend, Andrea Bohnen.  She's a ginormous Red Sox fan and would have rocked the experience much more than me.

All the pics after the jump.  Enjoy!!!!!

Fans walking along a street outside Fenway, underneath the Green Monster.
More pregame fun
Yawkey Way, the street outside Fenway, before the game.  Remarkable scene.
Thursday live shot outside the park and just across the Green Monster
The outside of the Green Monster from across the street.  This is the location from which we did our live shots Thursday night.

If it's a Friday night Rangers rain delay, must be 21!
The mass of people crammed into the Fenway concourse during Friday's 1-hour rain delay.

The visiting team's clubhouse isn't separate from the general public. This is the mass of humanity packed right outside the Rangers clubhouse during the rain delay.
View from the camera well next to Rangers dugout.  I did a live shot during the game from this location.  Ortiz is at bat.  PRIMO seat.
Game time.  View over the Rangers dugout.

Another view looking from stands over the left of the Rangers dugout during batting practice.
It's always about the food: lobster roll and chowder photographer Bret Kelly had for a Friday night dinner.  Lobster roll is $18.50 in the expensive seats, only $12.00 in the concourse.

Cuban sandwich from El Tiante on the left (pretty good).  El Tiante Italian sausage on the right (not so much).

After Bengie Molina hit for the cycle, an 8-4 Rangers win and a 30-minute postgame show, we're done!!!!
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  1. Well, it might not be the best camera, but it sure brings out the experience. :) Love to watch you on TV, you bring excellent sports stories in a fun, pro way. Thank you!


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