Monday, January 31, 2011

Wizards Source: Josh Howard has been Great

Josh Howard is back in Dallas tonight as his Wizards are still looking for their first road win of the entire season against the Mavericks.  He will miss the game while he's still bothered by a surgically repaired knee (Howard tore his ACL last February).

Dallas represents many things to Howard: the place where he started his NBA career and became an All-Star.  It's also the place where he starting making bizarre decisions and, in turn, even more bizarre statements before ultimately being traded to the Wizards last season.

Howard has only played eight games this season because of the knee issue but he has been a "great player" according to one Wizards source.  I asked him specifically about Howard and he said that the 30-year old has been just about perfect: doing what's been asked, supporting the team and having a good attitude about all of it.

Does that surprise you?  It surprised my Washington friend.  He did point out that Howard is not making nearly the kind of money he was in Dallas and doesn't have a long-term deal.  Howard signed a one-year contract with Washington this offseason.

Do you care?  When Howard went down that path, many Mavs fans were crushed.

So now, almost a year removed from the Howard trade, are you over it?  Or do you still wonder what could have been?
4 comments on "Wizards Source: Josh Howard has been Great"
  1. Are you surprised that another pro athlete has ruined his future by running his mouth and letting his ignorance show. You know that not all pro athletes are prepared for the new-found wealth and fame and the scrutiny of the spotlight. Most of them are ill prepared by the fact that most have been Shepparded through all the educational system because they are athletes. If the NBA and other sports leagues have not already established them, they should provide some kind of advisory resource to the new member of the league so they can make wise informed decisions. What is that old saying? "A fool and his money are soon parted".

  2. i was over howard the year the mav's went to the finals. this, after initially being a huge fan. he never maximized his talent, and then the big contract became an albatross like it does for so many athletes. the celebrity and bling began to engulf him. he never exhibited the best decision making on or off the court. he served his purpose for the mav's and the two parties are best apart.
    how many times have you heard maverick personnel utter the same positives about brendan haywood. it's best not to publicly soil your assets before you try to send them elsewhere.

  3. Depends on which Josh howard we are talking about. While Caron Butler may have provided toughness while he was healthy, his offense game is more limited than the Josh Howard of 2005-2007. It was just a few seasons ago when Dirk got hurt right before the playoffs, that Josh carried the team offensively average around 20 plus a night with some 30 point games. The X factor Josh Howard of 05-06 was highly motivated and one heck of a player. He was also the go to guy on defense as well. The later Josh that got traded was more like to old Michael Finley and settled for too many jump shots. Offensively Josh is way more talented than Caron who has limited Jump Shot range and only onemore to get to the hole. Although Caron's attitude is much healthier for the current Mavericks team than Josh's attitude had become. It was like cancel that spreads.

  4. From the FWIW dept,
    I was told Josh was a model player. I've known this person long enough that she/he would tell me if Josh was screwing up. I was stunned, though, at the description. I still believe JOsh is a good guy. I saw too much genuine, caring behavior to believe otherwise. He really got mixed up with the wrong crowd when he got paid.


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