Monday, February 7, 2011

Has This Media Game Changed or What? How I Watched SB45 Commercials

I feel like I'm late to this party, but this morning was as big a light bulb moment as I've had in a long time and it's all because I watched some of more interesting Super Bowl XLV commercials.

I didn't get the chance to watch much of the game because I was working on a story on the people who paid $200 to watch SB45 on the Party Plazas at Cowboys Stadium. They were stuck outside, in the cold rain and had to use portable, unisex toilets. EEEWWWWW. Some people even paid more than the $200 face value for the tickets, buying them on Ebay or from scalpers. Here is a link to my video blog about the experience.

So, this morning, still a little pre-coffee groggy but wanting to see what's going on in the world, I fire up the Ipad while still in bed. I go to my new favorite app, Flipboard. From the Huffington Post feed, I read a story about the 10 best Super Bowl commercials which provides YouTube links to each.

Maybe this is how you consume your visual media but this was a moment for me. I have gone from being upset I missed the ads, to recording them on a VCR, to the DVR to now watching them on an IPad screen at my leisure at any time of day I want.

That's the future. And it's kind of exciting.

Ironically, my favorite Super Bowl commercial was the most nostalgic: The NFL's Best Fans Ever commercial that used clips from some of our favorite sitcoms. Anything that incorporates Happy Days, The Sopranos, Seinfeld and Family Guy in one spot is a hit.   I didn't even mind all the product placement.

You can actually view and vote for your favorite ad here.

Here's mine:

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