Sunday, June 12, 2011

Any Different Pre-Game Rituals for the Mavs Prior to Game 6?

In a word: no!

Mavericks players are doing the same thing they've done all postseason which for most includes a good pregame meal and an hour long nap.

"Today you just relax, do your normal routine," Mavs guard Jason Terry said Sunday morning at shootaround.

Having said that, he admittedly is the one superstitious exception.  His pregame routine is quite different from his teammates. 
"I'm very superstitious so all those superstitions will be intact and ready to roll," he added.

His biggest one: how he ties his shoes.  For him, getting the perfect tie is paramount.

"How I lace up the shoes tonight," he said Sunday morning during Mavericks shootaround.  "It's gotta be in sync.  All strings gotta be even."

Terry's teammates just laugh and offer a bit of an eye roll. 

"I remember the high socks in college," Tyson Chandler said, alluding to Terry's penchant for knee highs.  "He's always been a little different character."

Whatever works.  At least Terry washes his unmentionables.

Yes, I've asked that question.
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