Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Most Trusted Brands in Dallas/Fort Worth...Who Makes Your List?

While doing some timewasting, much-needed research, I came across an article in OC Metro magazine highlighting the most trusted brands in Orange County.  A cynic could argue that with the popularity of Bravo's Real Housewives of Orange County that plastic surgeons and cosmetic dentists top the list (I love the entire Real Housewives franchise, btw.  There. I'm out of the closet.)  Rather, the Anaheim Ducks, the Discovery Science Center and, interestingly, Wahoo's Fish Tacos make their list.

The OC Metro article claims that the "connection between product and consumer is one of the most profound ingredients in successful business these days".  This got the little wheels in my head spinning.  Which DFW brands make the cut?
Initially, I recalled iconic brands of my youth and Mrs. Baird's was the first that came to mind.  While Mexican bread giant Bimbo bought Mrs. Baird's in 1998, few things mean "Dallas" to me more than the glorious scent of bread wafting from the old Mrs. Baird's bakery on Mockingbird Lane near Central Expressway in Dallas.  Granted, Mrs. Baird's began in Fort Worth in 1908 but the image and scent of that Dallas bakery near SMU, which was razed in 2011, has always meant welcome "home".  Perhaps it's not so much trust as nostalgia. Whatever it is, it's connects and is special to me.

Other brands on my personal list:

Neiman Marcus - the name stands alone while conveying quality and client service. On a personal aside, I grew up down the street from the legendary Stanley Marcus and used to sneak onto his beautiful modernist home's property.  His maid consistently booted me.

Haggar - the men's clothing brand that evokes an image of sturdy, everyday wear that lasts.

Dr. Pepper - again, going with the Dallas "plant theme", recalling the one on Mockingbird Lane east of Central Expressway.  As much as I hate soda, the sugar and calories nothing, NOTHING is better than a cold, original Dr. Pepper (made with real sugar) on a hot summer day.
Sparkman-Hillcrest - the funeral home off of Northwest Highway in Dallas that has been a rock of comfort and dignity for more than 100 years.

Mary Kay Cosmetics - pink Cadillacs and the iconic Mary Kay Ash. Enough said.

The Mansion on Turtle Creek - An elegant Dallas icon.  I first visited the Mansion when I was a month old.  I had my wedding luncheon there and took my daughter there when she was three weeks.  She wins. 

El Fenix - the Mexican restaurant chain that started in Dallas in 1918.  You always know what you're going to get here. 

The Container Store - the locally based organization and storage store that consistently gets outstanding marks for employee satisfaction. 

On a smaller scale, Kuby's Sausage House, Snuffer's and Wild About Harry's come to mind.  All restaurant/food service spots but I know them, trust them and know they believe in their product.

You'll notice I've left the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers off the list.  A few of those teams make the cut as being trustworthy.  A few don't.  My take might surprise you.  However, considering I work each team daily, I didn't include them. 

What do you think?  Which DFW brands do you trust?  Am I completely off base?  Which sports teams make your cut?

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