Friday, December 21, 2012

Fabulous Consignment Finds: Michael Kors Collection & CH Carolina Herrera

People are always surprised when I tell them I buy much of my professional wardrobe at consignment shops.  I get it.  Some people are freaked out by wearing other people's skeege.  You can avoid the skeege-factor by buying at the right store.  If you purchase items at the right shops, the clothes are barely worn or, in some cases, brand new. 

There are certain things I look for in my on-air wardrobe:
  • A good fit.  Bigger clothes make you look heavier.  ALWAYS slim fit!
  • Color - a constant challenge.  It's hard to find good, solid colors in tops and dresses that flatter.  I wear way too much black. 
  • Neckline - in a blouse it's got to be a scoop or v-neck.  Boxy necklines make me look like a linebacker.
  • Free of patterns, in general.  Patterns still are considered distracting on tv news channels.  Meaning, that great Missoni top or DVF dress that is co cute in person, can make viewers nauseous.  
The shops I frequent in Dallas, Clothes Circuit and Clotheshorse Anonymous, are selective in what they accept.  Items must be clean, gently used and free of any imperfections.  I know this because I am an avid consignor, as well.  I am always editing my wardrobe to eliminate items I no longer wear.

I was over the moon with my two recent purchases: a vintage, red Michael Kors Collection button down blouse and a cute purple/lavender CH Carolina Herrera blouse.  I need colors like this in my on-air wardrobe.  Both are big, so I will have them taken in a bit but I was absolutely thrilled. 

Even better was the price.  Clothes Circuit, drops the price on items after a certain period of time.  Both of these were considered Fall items and were in the mid-50's (can't remember the exact price).  I got out of there, with two tops I can wear for a few seasons on-air, for $112.46!  Score!  Remember, shopping is a sport.

Both of these were tops I just grabbed thinking they wouldn't look that good.  I was wrong.  They worked wonderfully.  Lesson - always try on pieces.  They might look 100 times better than you thought they would.  Or a 100 times worse.

I am a huge Michael Kors fan.  What's weird is that I don't really like his lower priced, MICHAEL Michael Kors sportswear line.  I think those clothes are a funky fit and the colors just aren't right. 
On the other hand, I cannot get enough of his higher priced collection but can't regularly afford its hefty price.  In fact, my wedding dress was a white Michael Kors Collection piece I purchased at Last Call for $300, marked down from around $2000.

The CH Carolina Herrera blouse is from Carolina Herrera's more affordable bridge line which I think is just as fabulous as her higher priced offering.  The blouse was something I typically wouldn't ever wear because of the ruffles.  They are SO not me.  But I gave it a go simply for the color and it was also a home run.

If you're looking for a great holiday outfit this season or items to update your wardrobe in 2013, don't fear the consignment store.  You never know what you'll find and you'll likely score it for a song.  

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