Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What to Wear to the Gym - Stylish Clothes for Working Out & More

For the sake of growth and evolution, NOT vanity, I'm sharing my fitness fashion choices.  Hopefully this can help serve as affordable inspiration.

I learned that I look like a slob at the gym when I was fashion shamed during a yoga class in January.

I have since ramped up my workout wardrobe and found that you don't have to spend a fortune to look decent at the gym and running the subsequent errands that always seem to follow a workout.

Look #1

This ensemble was my weekend yoga attire.  It features the C9 by Champion Skinny Pant pants from Target I love.  They're $29.99 right now.  I had scored a $5 coupon at checkout and bought them in-store for $24.99.  I swear these make your butt look smaller.

I paired these pants with the Inner Light Top from Lucy I bought years ago.  It's fine for yoga.  If you're going to run in this top, you need a bra.

Lucy Inner Light Women's Workout Top
Lucy Inner Light Women's Workout Top
The bright blue top I wore is no longer available online but you can find adorable options from Zappos.  They're $47.99 but they last a while.  My top is four years old.

Look #2

I wore this Lululemon outfit to work out with my therapist trainer, Steve Burgess, followed by numerous errands on Tuesday.  One of those errands included a stop at the Cowboys headquarters at Valley Ranch.  I hate visiting there in workout clothes but it was just one of those things I couldn't avoid.

Despite the tight fit of the pant and the top, I never felt inappropriate.  They both delivered great coverage.  The top was a Christmas gift two years ago from Lululemon's Run Swiftly line.

I scored the pants at the Lululemon outlet in San Marcos.  This place is the bomb!  They stock last season's merchandise at a lower price point.  I paid $49 for these running pants and I love them.  They have two pockets, one zipper and one inside the waist band, as well as reflective panels down the leg.   They don't seem to be available online anymore.

You can email them and get photos of items in stock.

The Takeaway
You can spend a small fortune on gym clothes.  There is no need to do that.  Whether you're headed to the gym or brunch afterwards, work the sales and shop the discount stores.  You'll be looking like a fitness fashionista for less in no time.

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2 comments on "What to Wear to the Gym - Stylish Clothes for Working Out & More"
  1. I bought some yoga pants at Old Navy recently. On sale for $15 and the have just the right fit and support. Not sure how long they'll last since I wear them at least twice a week, but at that price I'll buy a few more! Thanks for all your suggestions!

  2. I need to check out Old Navy....I've heard a lot about their workout gear.


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