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How To Set Goals For Your Internship

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I have worked with too many interns who came into the experience without direction, objectives or focus. They didn't know what they wanted to get out of their internship. That, my friends, is a mistake.

Internships are about more than just getting college credit. They help you establish habits, learn tangible career skills in a contextual setting and create a network that can be a springboard for a successful career.

Why You Should Set Goals For Your Internship
I am a believer in goals, especially when you're starting your career. They give you purpose and can serve as a metric by which you can measure progress. They also give you a sense of accomplishment when you achieve them.

As it relates to your internship, think about personal, professional and educational goals. Here are some examples:
  • Professional: To have an 8-minute resume tape featuring an anchoring segment and two feature stories by the end of my 10-week internship. I will shoot standups every time I work with a photographer, when possible. I will have done a mock anchor segment that I can use on my resume tape by the sixth week. (That's a realistic, professional goal for an intern in most local TV newsrooms).
  • Personal: To increase my professional network by engaging colleagues in my department and beyond. I will, when appropriate, inquire about their career paths, ask them for advice on my professional journey and let them know I am available to assist them when the opportunity presents itself. I will have added 20 connections to my LinkedIn network and will have connected with one professional with whom I can maintain contact after my 10-week internship. (This is a great personal goal). 
  • Educational: To get a better understanding of modern cyber security and intelligence analysis. I will learn more about the current cyber threat landscape by working on projects including the intrusion sector, malware artifacts and the target sector. I will participate in team projects and by the end of the 12-week internship will be able to understand how to communicate with technical and non-technical experts. (This is an educational goal which fully supports your professional focus, as well). 
A Key To A Successful Media Career
If you want to work in the media business, internships are vital to your success. There's only so much you can learn in school. The university setting can't replicate the deadline pressure and sense of urgency media professionals experience every day.

Visit my internship page to learn all about getting the most out of your internship experience.

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