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7 Ways To Burn Calories Without Hitting The Gym

7 ways to exercise without hitting the gym, 7 ways to exercise without thinking about it.

The warm summer months are perfect for sneaking in exercise without even trying. Take advantage of the outdoors, pools and playgrounds to burn some extra calories. The great thing is that moderate exercise is the best way to improve your fitness level and burn fat. Click HERE to learn more.

Here 7 Ways To Burn Calories Without Hitting The Gym
  1. 1. Dance - put on some heart-pumping music and just move. You can burn about 200 calories in 30 minutes. Some of those club-kid hoochie moves might just make you sore the next a good way.
  2. 2. Walk the dog - this is such an easy way to exercise. Grab the leash, take the pup and go. Aim for a brisk 30 minutes to an hour. Don't have a dog? Just walk. A leisurely stroll is great exercise. Click HERE to learn why moderate exercise is phenomenal for your health.
  3. 3. Spend the day at the pool - playing in the water at the pool or the beach is a great calorie burner. Don't just lounge on your floats. Take breaks from sunning (with sunscreen, of course!) to do a few laps, play water volleyball or some paddle games. Moving 5-10 minutes every hour you're at the pool will add up over the course of the day.
  4. 4. Play a video game - you can actually burn calories playing active video games. Wii boxing, baseball, tennis or golf can burn between 92 and 216 calories in 30 minutes according to a 2008 study.
  5. 5. Ride a bike - get on the bike an go. Spend a few hours exploring your city. It's a fun way to burn calories.
  6. 6. Hit the park with your kids - have you played hide and seek lately? It's a workout. Visit a park and play games with your kids. So many parks in our neighborhood have climbing walls or ladders. These are all great ways to build upper body strength and improve your balance. Spend an active hour at the park and you can burn a few hundred calories.
  7. 7. Play mini-golf - a round of miniature golf can burn almost 200 calories. Think about it, you're walking for an hour. Just don't down a ton of beer, soda or snacks that negate your calorie burn.
Calorie totals are based on a 130 pound woman. Your caloric burn will vary based on your size and fitness level.

These are just a few ideas. What are your favorite ways to exercise without hitting the gym? Let me know in the comments section. 

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