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Comfortable Heels For Work

Comfortable Heels for Work, How To Find Comfortable Heels for work

Besides "How tall are you?" (5'11) and "What's it like in a locker room?" (read THIS) by far the most common question I am asked is:
"How the heck do you walk in those heels?"

I am notorious for wearing high heels, despite my height. I have worn them for work for years: to ballparks, stadiums and on-set. I have worn them so long that walking around in them in second nature.

Having worked with athletes most of my life and hosted the Dallas Mavericks pre- and post-game shows for seven years, the extra height looks proportionate when I am interviewing 7-foot NBA players. Although, I have had a few pro athletes ask me to take off my shoes when I interview. (I'm saving those stories for the book...)

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Comfortable Heels For Work,
With my Mavs post-game partner in crime, Derek Harper
So many women ask me how I can walk in heels all day. I am so used to wearing them that I feel uncomfortable in flats. Except for Yosi Samra's foldable ballet flats (an AMAZING shoe for travel), I rarely wear them. Most flats don't provide any arch support and hurt my feet. In fact, the only time I ever slipped and fell when I was pregnant was when I was wearing flats during a shoot at AT&T Stadium.

If you're wearing heels to work, you will likely be wearing them for eight hours or longer. The key is finding the right shoe so that you're comfortable and stylish at the same time.

The nice bonus? Wearing heels helps tone your calves. You don't have to do calf raises if you're walking around in heels all day (Tweet this).

Comfortable Heels For Work, comfortable heels
Click on any shoe to learn more about it.

I love Cole Haan's ZeroGrande line. This was originally the Nike Air line that was infused Nike Air technology which meant it had a cushioned insole that really was comfortable. Nike sold off the Cole Haan brand in 2012 but Cole Haan kept the cushion-y features.

I love their plain black slingbacks because they work with almost any outfit. I am on my second pair in about six years. I wear these until they can't be worn any more. They also make great mid-heel pumps that are comfortable, if you're not confident teetering in four-inch heels.

Orthopedic surgeon Taryn Rose developed her eponymous line with the sole purpose of creating stylish shoes that wouldn't ruin your feet.

I happen to love Prada's shoes. Their sizing is generous while providing support at the same time. These plain black pumps will be stylish forever. While these sandals are comfortable, stylish and can be worn at work or at a party.

The Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandal is a great work to evening option. The thick sole provides support for the day while the minimal look of the sandal works with a variety of looks.

5 Tips For Buying Heels For Work: 

Comfortable heels for work, heels for work, Cole Haan heels
I love these Cole Haan slingbacks. Notice the thick sole which provides outstanding support.
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  1. Don't get a heel with a sole that is too thin. I have a pair of Ralph Lauren sandals I love but the soles are too thin for walking around an office or ballpark all day. They provide no support. These are solely "night out shoes".  You need something with a thicker sole to provide some support for walking around an office all day.
  2. Don't go too high. A mid-heel delivers the same length and slimming effect without compromising your balance if you're uncomfortable walking in a higher heel. Manolo Blahnik makes the most stylish medium-height heels, in my opinion.
  3. Don't go with a skinny heel. Opt for a stylish, not chunky, stacked heel or wedge shoe.
  4. Go for an open-toe shoe, if you can. This allows your feet to breathe during the day. You can also slip them off at your desk when no one is looking.
  5. Don't buy cheap heels. They will wreck havoc on your feet. Shoes for work are an investment purchase. Quality shoes will last for years while most of your clothes will last only a few seasons. The great thing about shoes is that you can ALWAYS find them on sale. Check out AmazonBluefly, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Zappos for deals.
What About You? 
What's your favorite line of comfortable heels for work? I would love to learn about some new brands. Please share your favorites in the comments section.

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