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5 Tools To Help You Exercise In 2016

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Is one of your goals in 2016 to exercise more? You don't need to spend a ton of cash on a gym. While I love the options a gym provides, when you're in a pinch a quick, equipment-free workout can really kick your butt.

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Here Are 5 Tools That Can Help 
You Step Up Your Workout Game in 2016:

New York Times 7-Minute Workout App - the 7-Minute Workout made headlines a few years ago as an effective method for getting the benefits from exercise in the minimum amount of time. Be warned, this is not a workout in which you coast. It's an ass-kick. The New York Times offers a genius app that can deliver various 7-Minute workouts when you need to squeeze in a workout.

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PopSugar's January Workout - PopSugar is serving up a think-free workout for all of January. Some days you'll do 10-minute vinyasa flow while others you'll be doing a killer 30-minute workout. These are all video workouts that can give you a class experience for free.

Coffee - WOO. HOO! A University of Georgia study found that coffee might help your endurance while exercising. Any coffee addict says "DUH!". Anecdotally, I can speak to the fact that I simply have more energy after a cup of coffee in the morning before a workout.

A FitBit or Similar Exercise Tracker - these wearable trackers really do help you get moving. While I don't subscribe to the information they provide as gospel, when you see what your daily movement is, you will find yourself trying to take the extra steps to reach your goal. I have used a Nike Fuel Band, FitBit and (back in the day) a Garmin pedometer. The Fitbit is by far my favorite. Tory Burch offers a stylish take on them to make the tracker a bit more stylish.

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Magic Circle, Magic Circle Workouts
Love my Magic Circle!

Magic Circle - I am obsessed with these magical rings. They can work absolutely every part of your body. Arms, legs, chest, back and abs? Done. Done. Done. Done. Done. The best part? You can bring a magic circle to work and do a few five-minute exercise breaks during the day. Most Magic Circles (like this one) will provide workouts for you. You can also Google workouts. Here is a great magic circle workout for your butt. Here are 14 exercises you can do with a Magic Circle. 

Have a soggy head this weekend? You know what I mean...that stage which you're not hungover but not quite completely lucid? Feel me now? Try some of the world's favorite hangover cures. Or hangover cures chefs love. Let me tell you, most reporters (like me) know a thing or two about hangovers. My cure? Coconut water and exercise. A hard-boiled egg also helps.

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What About You? 
Have a fitness tool you love? Have one you want me to explore? Let me know in the comments section.

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