Thursday, October 10, 2019

Brown Beach House Tel Aviv Review: An Urban Oasis in The Heart of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Hotel Review

Finding hotel accommodations in Tel Aviv can be tough. Hotels are expensive and, many times, the price doesn’t reflect the level of expectation. It is an expensive country. 

With that in mind, I looked thoroughly for a room for my one night stay in June 2019. After hours of research, I found it theBrown Beach House. I was actually still in Tiberias when I booked the room  wanted to be in Tel Aviv to make my commute to Ben Gurion Airport for a 1AM Sunday morning flight home more palatable. Getting to the airport for a flight on Shabbat is well-planned consideration anyone visiting Israel should make.

Turns out, my last-minute decision to stay at the Brown Beach House was one of the best I've made during my 10-plus years going visiting Israel.

I found the Brown Beach House hotel, a 55-room boutique property, through Google research. It looked fun and well-situated. I was able to score a room for $275 for a Friday, June 7th stay which included a complimentary breakfast. I was thrilled with this as it was a holiday weekend with visitors flocking to Tel Aviv to celebrate Shavuot.

The hotel has a Hollywood-glam-at-the-beach vibe. The lobby is quite small but welcoming. When I arrived, the front desk attendant offered me a glass of sparkling wine, which I gladly accepted after my train from Tiberias. Check-in was a breeze and I was struck by how intimate the hotel seemed. The staff was genuinely congenial, something you don't often see in Israel.

Brown Beach House Tel Aviv Location 

The Saturday morning view from the beach boardwalk that's a five-minute walk from Brown Beach House

The hotel is two streets away from the Tel Aviv Beach and close to all the wonderful restaurants along the water. It's about 1.6 miles from Jaffa, the old port city that is a must-see for many visitors to Tel Aviv. It's only about a mile from the famous White City buildings, another popular spot.

Brown Beach House is located in a busy urban area which makes it ideal for anyone who enjoys walking to explore a city. Tel Aviv is about vibrance and energy but I was still able to relax both at the beach and in my room.

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The Room 

My room was a Studio Suite on the second floor. It was spectacular. They measure around 400 square feet and offer a bar separating the sleeping and seating area. A small balcony gives you the chance to enjoy the cool Tel Aviv weather. The bathroom was large, even by U.S. standards. The Molton Brown products were a nice touch.

I was on the second floor  yet slept like a baby. Any street noise didn't bother me at all. Perhaps it was the sumptuous, comfortable bed or perhaps it was the wine at dinner. Whatever it was, I woke up feeling like I'd slept like a baby. Something I needed after a tough trip.

The Amenities 

The hotel offers a small spa which is basically a waiting room, two suites and a unisex shower that guests can use to freshen up. The hotel also has a number of serene outdoor spaces to take advantage of the gorgeous weather.

While I was there, they offered a yoga class in their studio/event space. They don't have a fitness center on site. Instead, guests receive access to Space Fix, a gym right next to the U.S. embassy and just a five minute walk from the hotel. I took advantage of that to sneak in to sneak in a quick workout.

The hotel provides beach towels and beach bags for guests who would like to enjoy the water. They also offer beach cruisers for guests who want to cruise.

Dining Options 

Breakfast at Flamingo Cafe: the appetizers. YUM!

Breakfast at Flamingo Cafe: No clue what this was!

There are hundreds of amazing restaurants within short walking distance to Brown Beach House. The front desk staff suggested a spectacular seafood spot for dinner, Salva Vida. This meant my only meal at the hotel was breakfast at the kosher Flamingo Cafe, which was complimentary with my hotel stay.

If you've never eaten an Israeli breakfast, prepare yourself. They're huge, generally featuring bread, hummus, salad, vegetables and fruit. Those are just the side dishes! The main course usually ends up being an afterthought.

Not gonna lie: I have no idea what I ordered. The restaurant had some other offerings but I wanted something authentic. It was a dish with feta cheese. It was fine and something I didn't finish after the first few bites. I was more than happy, enjoying my side dishes, coffee and friendly service. I had a great seat with a view of the street which made the morning just perfect.

The Vibe 

A view from the lobby bar at the Brown Beach House
Outdoor balcony at Brown Beach House

The Brown Beach House is cool, reminding me of a W Hotel property but with a beachy, boutique aesthetic. Great bar, fun decor and guests from around the world. I had a drink at the bar on Saturday while  biding my time for my late night/early morning flight back home. While there, I enjoyed chatting with the global mix of guests who were from Jerusalem, Mexico City and Los Angeles. I loved it! Only in Israel.

The Service 

What struck me about Brown Beach House was the service. Again - hospitality in Israel has come a long way but still has some opportunity for growth. The staff was warm and helpful. They suggested the wonderful dining experience at Salva Vida. They let me store my luggage all day on Saturday while I strolled Tel Aviv and even let me freshen up after strolling Tel Aviv all day before I left for the airport.

Overall Impression 

View from the balcony

I can't say enough great things about my experience at Brown Beach House. The location was perfect. My room was spectacular...I don't know how I scored that room. The cocktails were great. The team was hospitable, something that can be hard to find throughout Israel. It was a fabulous hotel experience.