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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Story Behind Where Is Pidge?

Where Is Pidge?, Michelle Staubach Grimes, Roger Staubach
Click here to learn more about Where Is Pidge? 
Any parent understands the turn of events that happened right before I snapped this grainy photo. My three year-old was in toddler purgatory: tired and cranky yet too tired to settle down and go to bed. Jordan had one of those days in which she had been blowing and going since 8am: school, an after-school visit to the grandparents house (which is usually filled with too many sweets) and a late dinner.

I told her we were going to relax and read a book. She stopped her fussy/cranky/tired crying and picked up Where Is Pidge?the story of middle child Pidge Hoobler who feels lonely, somewhat overlooked and decides to run away but gets stuck in her family's laundry chute.

As soon as Jordan opened the book, she settled. She studied the first few pages and simply said, "Mommy, read this book."

Done. It was the calm after the storm.

Since then it has become a book we revisit three to four times a week. Out of the blue, Jordan will ask "Where is Pidge?", "Why was Pidge crying?" or even better "Pidge is happy?".

Ultimately Pidge realizes she's not forgotten, instead she is loved and appreciated by her family. A message that resonates not only with my daughter but with just about anyone.
Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are Kids Career Killers?

I wish I could take credit for that headline but, alas, it was the subject line in an email I received from the women's career site The Little Pink Book.

In a word, no.  I don't believe that's the case.  Since I had Jordan, exactly 15 months ago Thursday actually, I feel like I've become a better professional.  Granted I haven't gotten a promotion or received a raise, unfortunately, that's not quite the nature of my daily work.  But I have become more focused, targeted and, in my opinion, producing at a higher level. 


Well, for one, I'm not out drinking every night like I was in my pre-Jordan life.  Post-game cocktails are part of the job for many sports reporters and anchor, sorry.  Secondly, I'm uber-focused on creating a better life for her and my family and the creative juices to help get there are fueling me.  I'm also healthier, have a more optimistic attitude and have become a better friend, all while being a bit sleep-deprived.

But a line in a recent Elle Magazine article about Kelly Ripa struck me. 

"For many women, family is often at odds with a career...."

Why is that?  I get that my experience at this parenting thing is quite new.  I haven't fought with my daughter or had to leave work early to take care of her.   Regardless, why is it that in 2013 we are STILL saying these things and asking these questions?  Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was criticized for taking a two-week maternity leave after the birth of her son.  Ridiculous!  NO man would be questioned about his time off from work to care for a child.  I get she's the mom and it's supposed to be different.  Really?  She can do whatever she wants.  Her son will be fine.  Probably better educated and cared for than 90% of us.

The expectations for working mothers to fit into some maternal mold is frustrating.  There is an automatic assumption that many women "will stop what they're doing and focus all of their attention on their children."  I am questioned why I don't do that every day and why I am still working.

The one thing I have learned is that every parent is different and handles parenting differently.  For me, I need to be busy and work.  It makes that time with my daughter SO much more precious.  I have friends who are stay at home moms who can't wait until they can hand off their kids to a sitter.  Is that child better off, with a mother who is anxiously counting down the seconds to get rid of the kid in favor of cocktail hour?

This is good dialog that could be discussed for hours.  My friend who has three children of her own, Tracy Kornet, and I tackle this and more in our latest edition of the Real Botox Diaries. 

What do you think?
Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Healthful, Easy Weekday Breakfast

How can you not love an egg white?  Really.  It has all sorts of nutritional goodness including slimming and satisfying protein for hardly any calories.  Huge nutritional bang for the buck.

Tuesday, I shared one of my other go-to breakfasts that is quick, easy to make and hearty enough to keep you satiated for a while.  Today it's all about the incredible, edible egg white.

Before I go any further, I have nothing against the yellows.  I just prefer the egg white.  Jordan gets two or three egg yellows a week.  It's not a "let's keep fat away from the kid thing."  This just happened to be an egg white kind of day.  More on that later.

I made this breakfast for both Jordan and me in five minutes.  It's another creation so simple, yet versatile, even I can't screw it up.

My omelet featured two egg whites, a dash of Mrs. Bragg's seasoning (love it because it has no sodium) and liberal handful of torn salad greens.  I added a heaping spoonful of Mrs. Renfro's green salsa for my omelet.   Jordan had the exact same omelet sans the salsa.

Once I sprayed the pan with olive oil Pam, I timed myself.  It took all of five minutes to cook this omelet, let it cool and cut it up for her to eat.  Could that be any easier?  Jordan loves it, too.   She gets vegetables and protein for breakfast.  I added half a banana, a piece of bread and some milk this morning for her.

I'll add anything and everything to an omelet: cheese, broccoli, peppers, spinach, cauliflower, olives, just about vegetable-related.  If I want something more substantial, I'll add some whole wheat or corn tortillas and make breakfast tacos.  My concoction this morning, according to the Daily Plate was only 103 calories with three grams of fat, 10 grams of protein and two grams of sugar. 

That was it for me this Wednesday morning.  I broke my New Year's resolution on Tuesday and visited the vending machine at work.  Twice.  Not pretty.   I have Fake Food regret this morning.
Friday, November 16, 2012

The Perfect Work Bag for Women

Is almost impossible to find!

I know because I've searched for decades.  Only recently have I found some quality options.  I bring this up because the Wall Street Journal writes about the conundrum working women face when schlepping around their work items, along with their personal stuff in a solid bag that is functional yet stylish.

The woman profiled, Silicon Valley executive Kim DeCarlis, seems quite the practical professional carrying a medicine kit, eye mask and ear plugs in her surprisingly fun Johnston & Murphy computer bag.
Gucci Soho Shoulder Bag aka the Kitchen Sink Bag
Gucci Soho Shoulder Bag aka the Kitchen Sink Bag
I jaunt across North Texas from sports facilities to my story shoots to Mother's Day Out carpool lines.  I have a bag that goes everywhere and carries everything: my Gucci Soho Shoulder Bag.

Gucci Soho Metallic Leather Shoulder Bag
Gucci Soho Metallic Leather Shoulder Bag
It comes in a variety of colors.  The metallic color is chic and versatile, too. I call it a Kitchen Sink Bag because it would truly hold that and more while still being stylish enough to take someplace fun and not scream "WORKING MOTHER WITH A SIPPY CUP IN BAG!"  Candidly, I think if it came between the husband and the bag, the bag would win.

Sophie Hulme Leather Tote
Sophie Hulme Leather Tote
I am also in love with the Sophie Hulme Leather Tote.  It's professional, structured and holds my iPad, notebooks, cell phone makeup and jumbo bottle of hairspray.  I get more compliments on this bag than any I have ever carried.  Both men and women comment on it.  It also comes in tan and burgundy.  Just gorgeous.

Quality Work Bags Under $400
Both of those purses are investments but I will use them for years to come.  Here are some stylish options for under $400.  Still some major bucks, yes, but for something you will use daily, this is money well-spent.
Michael Kors Hamilton North South Tote
Michael Kors Hamilton North South Tote, $358

Coach Madison East/West Leather Tote
Coach Madison East/West Leather Tote, $298

Get These Fabulous Work Bags