Thursday, April 18, 2013

Good News Happens. Here is Proof.

From the tragedy in Boston to the awful explosion in West, TX, it has been one story after another dominating the headlines, the conversation in the lines at Starbucks and more this week.

But in a week that wreaked havoc on our emotions, good things happened.  I asked you to share some good news and, friends, you didn't disappoint. 

Just read what an awesome week you had.  If the past few days taught us anything, it's that our time is precious.  Let's enjoy every minute of it.

Hope you smile at some of these wonderful photos, fabulous stories and brilliant musings from a four-year-old you shared with me on Twitter

I sure did.

Patrick Lopez:  heard our babys heart beat and sonogram picture for the first time today!

Becky Crist:  I'm gonna be a grand mother for the first time! Yea!

Linda Dietz: Helped a client basically pro bono. My heart needed that this week.

Bill Holcomb No picture, but my daughter, Michelle Blanton, is celebrating 2 years cancer free on Saturday!
Janice Carter I personally had a good week. My family and friends are safe and well, and I'm grateful!!

Shoes: father/daughter dance tomorrow!! Pow

Jay Davis:  My four-year-old told me yesterday that chickens dont wear socks

A number of you shared the video of a cat playing with the vacuum.  It will have you peeing-in-your-pants laughing.

Another great tweet I received from a friend showed a picture of her at the Rangers home opener playing hooky from work with a friend.  To protect the privacy of all parties involved, I'm keeping that pic to myself.

Maffew. BABY

Daniel Nash   baby girls making their first brownie

M. Hob Here's my girls having fun with their theatrical makeup class at quad c....does this count? Have a great day!

And, finally, this gem from TankPuncher:
We won 7 games in a row on NHL 13 on Xbox. Sorry that's about the best news I have for ya.
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