Friday, April 26, 2013

More Good News Happened This Week. Here's Proof.

Inspired by last week's outpouring of awesomeness, I have to share more of the wonderful things you experienced this week. 

From a marriage to weight loss to kicking cancer's ass, you had a great week.  

 my son is getting married this weekend Gina!! OY VEY! And I'm going to Vefas to watch and cover Mayweather/Guerrero fight!

(YAY, Elf!)

Justin Jordan I have a dream of becoming a police officer helping people but was to heavy. I had surgery and have lost 180!

I learned this past week that my college is paid for completely and I don't have to pay a dime!

Terri Head 
haven't seen you since our Cowboys days. Next week, I get my chemo port removed. Woot Woot! 

I am taking a break from winning Xbox hockey to see a sonogram of my son with my pretty and smarter than me wife.

My week was a good one for the following reasons:
  • I had two questions answered by the great Guy Kawasaki during a chat for an online course I am taking. Very helpful!
  • I had a blast broadcasting the NFL draft with Bill Jones and Steve Dennis
  • I visited with friends on Thursday night and reconnected with a person from high school. 
  • THIS is my daughter: 
The girl is funny.
Like the good vibes?  Share yours in the comments section.  Email me at or tweet me to be included in future editions.  Let's make Good News Friday happen!
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