Friday, May 3, 2013

Good News Happens! Here's Proof

This was a great week, yet again, for a multitude of reasons.  From stories of athletic success, both collegiate and amateur, to a friend following his passion and one on her way to an outstanding career, you had an awesome week.

Here's proof: 

@ShaundaPoster I found out that I will be co-hosting the pregame show for the Dallas Cowboys all home games next season!!

Shaunda is still in school and started as an intern for the Cowboys television department.  She has proven herself time and again.  She's professional, engaging and willing to do whatever it takes.  That's a recipe for success.  SO happy for her.  She deserves it.
@CBS11Tracy What a night: Luke commits to play for Vanderbilt AND my daughter chats with me on the phone for a good 30 minutes!

Talk about a proud mom!  Tracy Kornet's son, Luke, committed to play basketball at Vanderbilt this week.  His father, Frank played there.  All THREE of Tracy and Frank's kids play college basketball. WOW!   Read her full account of Luke's journey here

Here's why I will soon not be the editor of : If you think you can do it better, then step up.

Mavs Game Night circa 2010
Tim is a legend for many reasons.  One of them being perhaps the most awkward on camera hug ever when he co-hosted a Mavericks postgame show with me one night.  Thrilled to see what's next for him. 

@cbs11doug Hard work paying off. Found out this am I qualified for National Championships in the Olympic distance :)

Go, Dougie! 

Enough on the friends front.  Here is your good news:

@circlelranch69  1. Granddaughter weekend 2. PAYDAY

@SergieFresh has been donating proceeds to help those affected in Boston & West, TX.

@Tweave00 I had a pimento cheese sandwich today

@sgcr99  the crappy month of April will be finally over
Let me share a few things.  I work with THESE guys: 
The Boss, the Reporter and the Babe

And finally, if you still don't believe good news happened this week, let me just make you laugh:

This is Lakehill Prom 1991.  I was a junior.  My date, Robbie Wiles, was a dashing senior.  Not sure if he goosed me or if I stuck my finger in an electric socket.  I'm just glad I don't have that hair (and more) anymore.  

See!  Good news happens. 

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