Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cuyana Leather Laptop Unboxing & Review

I bought the wine-colored sleeve. Watch my video for a review!
Why are all the office and work accessories either butt-ugly bulky black or too cutesy?

You know what I'm talking about: they're either overly masculine or too dorm-girl feminine.

Finding chic, stylish yet functional accessories that speak to professional women is tougher than finding a skinny margarita that actually tastes good (and doesn't give you a hangover). PSST: Here's a good margarita recipe.

Cuyana's Leather Laptop Sleeve helps you organize your work life elegantly.

I stumbled across Cuyana's line of minimalist chic accessories after my friend, Laurie Perez, tweeted about scoring their Leather Clutch at a Los Angeles pop-up.

With the brand's fewer, better things philosophy in mind, I ended up buying their Leather Laptop Sleeve. It's, in a word: gorgeous. It embodies the professional, clean yet chic aesthetic I love.

Do you have any favorite work accessories that fit in the same mold? I would love to learn about them. Please share your favorite chic working girl brands in the comments section below.

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