Friday, May 27, 2016

Tory Burch Saddle Bag Review

Tory Burch purse, Tory Burch Saddle Bag, Tory Burch unboxing video

I'm having a saddle bag obsession. Not the "Oh crap, it's bikini season and my thighs look like pillows!"

More like, "I need one of those chic, timeless crossbody bags" for summer summer.

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Perhaps it's a throwback to my horseback riding days or a testament to my current obsession with 70's chic but I am absolutely crushing on saddle bags right now.

The thing is finding an elegant, logo-free one is a challenge. I have searched. And searched. guessed it...searched.

I settled on Tory Burch's Saddle Bag in a gorgeous camel color and I am in love with it!

I have the complete unboxing and review in this video. I love this bag because it's not overly logo-ed. I think some Tory Burch bags are too logo-ed. I love the subtely of the logo placement on this one. 

Cuyana and GiGi New York also make some gorgeous saddle bags. I have them listed below. Coach makes some interesting ones, as well.

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What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Are you a Tory bag lover? Please me know in the comments section! 

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