Monday, September 4, 2017

Lune & Aster CC Cream Review

Lune & aster CC Cream, Lune & Aster CC Cream Review

Need to Know:

Lune + Aster's CC Cream is the ideal double duty beauty product. It provides wonderful, lightweight coverage while also delivering a strong sun protection factor: SPF 50, babes!

It contains vitamin E, hyaluronic acid (a skin plumper) and sea buckthorn, which is said to promote skin elasticity. 

It also protects from UVA and UVB rays. This is key. UVB rays are related to sunburns and skin cancer. UVB rays penetrate the ozone and while they don't cause sunburns, they do some serious damage.

UVA rays lead to brown spots, darkening and aging because they penetrate deeper into the skin and affect the collagen. 

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There are a handful of moisturizers and sunscreens that do this but the reason why I like Lune + Aster's CC Cream so much is because the coverage is outstanding. I wear it on-camera all the time. With a bit of concealer it absolutely provides enough coverage to for TV work.

Here's the thing: I don't wear this product in-studio. The quality of in-studio lighting and cameras require the heavy duty makeup. Click HERE for an eye makeup lesson from CBSLA makeup artist Mark Starr.

Here's an example of Lune + Aster CC Cream on-camera

The Takeaway

This is an ideal tinted moisturizer for busy or low-maintenance women who need a quick, multitasking solution. If you're a working chick, busy mom or simply ain't got time to deal with makeup but want something that provides coverage and some sunscreen this is it

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