Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Hermès Scarf Review: Cordages Twilly

Cordages Hermes Scarf

Have you fallen in love with Hermès Twilly scarves yet? They're such a whimsical way to add a pop of color to any outfit.

You'll see a lot of Hermès Twilly scarves wrapped on the handle of a Birkin or other satchel-type bag. Personally, I don't like that because I don't want the oils from my hands making the scarves dirty.

Instead, I'll tie a Twilly onto the handle or just wrap one around my wrist.

Twilly scarves are a great way to sample the Hermès brand. When I first started buying Twilly scarves, their full retail prices was approximately $125. As of May 2020, a standard Hermès Twilly retails for $175. You can also find them resale sites like Fashionphile or Vestiaire Collective.

Hermes Cordages Twilly 

I purchased Hermès Cordages Twilly at the Hermès boutique in Dallas at Highland Park Village in, I believe, 2015. The bright turquoise color immediately got my attention. I bought this one along with the 1001 H Twilly.

Hermes Cordages 70CM Scarf by Pierre Marie

French artist Pierre Marie designed the Cordages Twilly along with a Cordages scarf in the 70 centimeters size. Marie He started designing Hermès scarves in 2008 for the fashion house and has designed more than 20.

Fun Fact: Pierre Marie was 26 years old when he started designed scarves for Hermès in 2008, making him the youngest scarf designer in the history of Hermès. (Architectural Digest)

The Cordages scarves depict nautical themes featuring ropes, floats and buoys. What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Meh? Let me know!

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