Friday, May 8, 2020

Hermès Scarf Review: A Vos Crayons by Leigh Cooke

Leigh Cooke Hermes Scarf

Part of the fun of collecting Hermès scarves is the hunt: finding a coveted piece at a flea market in Paris or coming across an amazing deal at the most unlikely place.

The story of how I acquired the Hermès scarf, A Vos Crayons by Leigh Cooke, is one of those stories. I found it at the Neiman Marcus Bargain Box in Longview, Texas which is one of the most amazing hidden gems for anyone looking for a luxe for less find.

I'm going to let the video tell the story because this one is worth watching.

Do you have a favorite spot for finding scarves or other luxe for less finds? 

Hermès Scarves by Leigh Cooke 

Leigh Cooke Hermes Scarf
Fleurs de Fuschia/Image via Hermes Scarf Guide

Leigh Cooke Hermes Scarf
Des Fleur Pour Le Dire by Leigh Cooke/Image via Hermes Scarf Catalog

In the Pocket by Leigh Cooke/Image via Hermes Scarf Catalog

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