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25 NFL & NCAA Purse Policy Approved Bags

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Purse and bag policies at sporting events are here to stay. From NFL stadiums to colleges (Hello, SMU), restrictive purse policies limit the type and size of bag you can carry into a game. This also applies to all non-sporting events held at an NFL venue. Going to a concert at AT&T Stadium? That tiny purse policy applies. The PGA Tour also has a restrictive bag policy.

Officials says it's about safety. Sure, that plays into it but it also gets fans into the venue quicker and eliminates that bottleneck at entry gates.

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You can bring a large, clear bag into game. If you have an opaque one, it must be tiny. Unless you have to bring, say, diapers and stuff for a kid, I would forgo a big bag and simply bring a small one. It's easier to carry and doesn't broadcast your personal belongings to the world. Frankly, a tiny crossbody also looks better. Those clear totes? Blech.

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How To Determine If Your Bag Will Be Allowed Into A Sporting Event
Wondering if your cute little crossbody complies with the rules?

Here's a tip: fold a piece of 8.5" x 11" paper in half. If your bag fits within the folded piece of paper, it will typically be allowed into a stadium.

Always check the venue's website. Simply Google "(Insert name of venue) Purse Policy".
Click HERE for the NFL's bag and purse policy. 

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25 Small Bags That Are Purse Policy Approved 
I have been covering games and attending games all my life. As a reporter covering a game, I can bring in a huge bag full (like this one) of hairspray, notebooks, my iPad, makeup, pens, whatever other crap I need. Trust me when I say this: I would rather carry a tiny crossbody. They are so much easier to tote around because they allow you to eat, drink and cheer hands-free. They don't weigh you down at all.

Barrington Gifts makes a great bag called the Stadium Crossbody that you can customize in your team's favorite color and in your favorite pattern. You can also get the bags debossed with your initials. Bonus? It's only $85.

For you LV-lovers, your tiny Louis Vuitton Pochette is small enough. I once saw an LSU mom buy herself and her daughters four of them before heading to a game at AT&T Stadium. Click HERE for a selection of LV Pochettes from my favorite online consignment site, Fashionphile.

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