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10 Instant Beauty Treatments That Work

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Wearing Shiseido Retinol Masks

While there's something to be said for drinking a ton of water, getting enough sleep, exfoliating, moisturizing and doing a little preventative maintenance, sometimes you just need a quick fix. You know, something to plump your skin or tighten those undereye bags.

When I am getting ready to go on-air, I will slap on some eye patches if my eyes are a looking like Hefty bags.

Here are some instant quick fixes that can help you solve some of your biggest beauty problems.

Interested in something a little more involved but is a beauty gamechanger? Read my photofacial review, SkinPen facial review and DermaPlane facial review.

Eye Bags
First and foremost, staying well-hydrated helps. Drink a big glass water to help de-puff your undereye area. To that end, there area a number of great patches that can erase those bags. Here are a few of my favorites:
Wrinkle Eraser
  • -417 Miracle Immediate Wrinkle Filler - Bazaar claims this "plumps fine lines and improves the texture of skin in no time". 
  • RoC Deep Wrinkle Filler - this beauty bargain contains hyaluronic acid which helps plump skin. It tingles a bit when you apply it. 
  • Reloxin Lift Instant Wrinkle Soothing Mask - this won the Allure Beauty Breakthrough award in 2014 for its ability to improve the appearance of dull, aging and tired skin thanks to "a matrix of hydrophilic and hydrophobic silica particles that contract as the cream dries on your face". 
Pore Eraser
Face Lifter 
  • NuFace Toner - while this tool delivers lasting results over time, it provides an immediate lift. I notice the biggest results under my eyebrow and along my nasolabial folds.
Blemish Busters
I had terrible cystic acne as a teenager into my twenties. I tried everything. Ultimately prescription Accutane was the only thing that worked to eliminate the constant outbreaks I had. I will get an occasional pimple and have a few secret weapons.

What's Your Favorite Quick Fix?
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