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The Best Cosmeceutical Products

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While they're a relatively new category in comparison to iconic beauty products like something from Estée Lauder, cosmeceuticals have been on the beauty market for years. Essentially, they are a marriage of cosmetic products and pharmaceuticals designed to give you a bit more anti-aging bang for your buck like a retinol face serum.

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You will find a lot of these products in dermatologists office or online. During the 2015 Global Aesthetics Conference in, where else, Miami, Dr. S. Manjula Jegasothy, M.D., founder of the Miami Skin Institute and clinical associate professor of dermatology, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami presented some of the most effective cosmeceuticals on the market right now.

The Best Cosmeceuticals Of 2015
• Perle Skin Brightening Cream by Neocutis: this cream works for brown spots and was named an InStyle Beauty Buy for 2011.
• Brightamin-C Age Repair Serum by mybody: boosts collagen production and helps to combat and repair free-radical damage without irritating your skin. A good serum for oily skin.
• ATeam Retinol & Wrinkle Treatment by mybody: Dr. Jegasothy says she can "give it to anybody" because it doesn't cause irritation and is good for the delicate skin in the eye area and has been found it to be "particularly effective in under-eye circles in dark-skinned patients.”
• Take Control Probiotic Calming Cleanser by mybody:  Dr. Jegasothy says. “This is great for balancing out the skin’s normal flora, so that the antibiotics don’t eliminate too much of the body’s natural balance of microorganisms." Good for people who suffer from acne.
• Glycolic Face Cream Plus products by GlyDerm: these extra gentle exfoliating creams are designed for dry or mature skin. They comes in a progressive range three strengths to reveal fresher, smoother and younger looking skin.
• Gentle Face Cleanser, by GlyDerm: this exfoliates skin without causing irritation. It doesn't use scrubbing beads, which can be irritating but uses a 0.2% glycolic acid cleanser to exfoliate.
• Skin Active Triple Firming Neck Cream by Neostrata: NeoCitriate, this formula stimulates collagen production, leading to healthier and firmer skin. NeroGlucosamine exfoliates for younger-looking skin.
• Renew SPF 15 by Regenica:  this sunscreen is one of the first to have clinically-proven growth factor creams stabilized with sunscreen, reducing an anti-aging step in the morning.
Read the full article on Dermatology Times.

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