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Shiseido Benefiance Pure Retinol Eye Mask Review

Those HD television cameras I am on every day pick up every crow's foot and wrinkle. And while it's almost impossible to erase those pesky lines without a visit to the dermatologist's office (and a needle) there are certain beauty products that claim to help.

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Shiseido's Pure 'Benefiance WrinkleResist24' Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask (that's a mouthful) is one of them. These retinol-infused sheets claim to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around your eyes after just one application. Shiseido also claims that with each use, skin will become "more refined" and that the skin around our eyes will "look more vibrant and smooth as silk".

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How They Work

Shiseido retinol eye mask review, eye mask review

Basically you apply sheets around your eyes and leave them on for 15 minutes. The sheets contain retinol, which is hands-down a dermatologist favorite to help fight aging topically (learn more HERE). The retinol penetrates the thin skin around your eyes with a retinol micro-infusion technology designed to treat existing wrinkles while preventing new ones from forming.

Do They Really Work 
I picked these up because I had heard good things about these sheets and they won the Cosmetic Executive Women award for Best Prestige Eye Treatment. I bought them online from Nordstrom for $63 for 12 sheets.

Shiseido Eye Mask Review before & after, shiseido retinol eye mask review
 Shiseido Retinol Eye Mask Review BEfore & After
SHiseido Retinol EYe Mask Review, Shiseido Retinol Eye Mask Before & After

Looking at the photos, you can see that some of the lines look slightly diminished in the before and after pics. While it's hard to tell if they reduce fine lines immediately, I love the luxurious feel of them. I use quite a few patches and masks on my face and eyes which tend to fall off. These adhere beautifully and leave your eyes feeling hydrated and moisturized. If I stayed up too late or have been traveling a ton, I put these on before I head into work. I definitely feel more refreshed after wearing them. The area around my eyes feels lustrously moisturized.

Shiseido Retinol Eye Mask Review, Shiseido Benefiance Retinol Eye Mask Review
On the air the night I applied these eye masks.
I am a believer in the efficacy of retinol and feel like these deliver a powerful retinol punch. While you won't see immediate dramatic results like you do with filler or Botox, I believe that over time, these can be a useful weapon in your anti-aging arsenal.

Beauty Buy or Beauty Bust? I say definitely a Beauty BUY.

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