Friday, October 2, 2015

Outfit Of The Week: Steal My $49 Dress

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The Dress | The Watch | The Bracelet (actually a discounted gold version of it) | The Earrings | The Lipstick
At the risk of sounding like a narcissistic tool, I am often asked about the clothes I wear on-camera and the type of makeup we use (I could devote an entire blog to that alone).  So here goes: a weekly edit of an outfit I wore as well as makeup and haircare products we used with a few tips thrown in.

The Clothes
There are a few principles to keep in mind when dressing for on-camera appearances that I have used over the years to guide my wardrobe decisions:
  • Don't wear crazy patterns. These are distracting, especially in high definition. 
  • Bright colors are usually best but keep your set in mind when selecting clothing.
  • Make sure the clothes fit. If they're too loose, you look bigger than you are. If they're too tight, it's unflattering. 
  • Don't go crazy with the accessories. Err on the small side. You don't want them to distract the viewer. 
  • You don't have to spend a fortune. 
In keeping with this philosophy, I have acquired a wardrobe of low-priced, yet bright colored dresses for work. They're easy to wear and typically look great on-camera. This one is only $49! The camera can't pick up the fabric quality, so you don't have to spend a ton on luxurious clothes made out of sumptuous fabrics. That being said, don't go so cheap with your clothes that the material is flimsy, sheer or see-through.

The Makeup & Hair 
We are so fortunate to have people who help us with our makeup every day. They airbrush our makeup on our face. I have tried to do it and can't. Here are the products I use to touch up my makeup during the night.
As for my hair, I can't do it. I try. Every day it looks different and, in my opinion, it's a mess. I just can't replicate the looks my wonderfully talented hairstylist does. I use hairspray. A lot of it. This one seems to hold my hair the best.

I also swear by Xen-Tan for an immediate, natural glow. Tan fat really is better than pale fat.

Have A Question? 
Do you have an upcoming media appearance? Are you a young reporter or anchor wondering what to were and what makeup works? Just curious about some tried and true beauty secrets? Email me or share your questions in the comments section.

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