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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

The Best Diets of 2021 | DASH, Med & More!

the best diet of 2021

This post is good for: 

  • Anyone interested in learning more about various diet plans
  • Anyone interested in the DASH Diet, Mediterranean Diet or Flexitarian Diet

U.S. News and World Report has released it annual Best Diet list for 2021 and there are some usual suspects atop the list. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Best Diet Of 2016: DASH Diet Tops The List

US News & World Reports Diet Rankings, DASH Diet
Click HERE to download a FREE DASH Diet meal plan.

The DASH Diet has done it again. U.S. News & World Report has named the DASH Diet the "Best Overall Diet" of 2016 in an examination of 38 different diet plans. It also ranked #1 as the Best Diet For Healthy Eating but ranked #12 in terms of Best Weight Loss Diets.

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Learn More About the DASH Diet

The diet, developed by National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute, is designed to prevent and lower high blood pressure. Weight loss is the nice bonus.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Mediterranean Diet: Possibly the Tastiest and Healthiest Diet Ever (Wine and Chocolate Included!)

This is a diet you have heard about time and again. It's nothing new. In fact, it's thousands of years old. 

IT is the Mediterranean diet. A simple approach to eating that has been for millenia. It also recently landed on top of U.S. News and World Report's "Best Diets of 2019" list as the Best Diet Overall.

A recent study conducted by researchers at Spain's University of Barcelona examined the diet's effect on heart disease. The New England Journal of Medicine determined "the Mediterranean diet as the most likely dietary model to provide protection against coronary heart disease." The study says eating this way reduces risk of cardiovascular disease up to 30%.

The results were so overwhelmingly positive that the study ended early because, according to the New York Times, "it was considered unethical to continue."
Friday, January 17, 2014

Diet Tip #12: Don't Diet to Lose Weight

the Mediterranean Diet, Mediterranean Diet
Mediterranean Diet Pyramid/Courtesy
If you're looking for an overall approach to eating, try the Mediterranean Diet.  It's so easy to adopt and a realistic way to eat, not diet, for a lifetime.

To succeed at losing weight, don't diet. 

What does this mean?  First and foremost, studies show that if you do radical changes to lose weight in a short period of time, you're probably going to fail.

Instead, adopt a different approach to eating.  Simple as that.  A quick change will not result in longterm weight loss.  Focus on making smart food decisions that your grandmother told you to do:
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits
  • Limit the amount of sugar and processed foods you consume 
  • If you can't pronounce, don't eat it
  • Don't drink your calories water and herbal tea are your friends
This is all easy to do.  You can still enjoy your favorite indulgences (cheese fries, pizza, hamburgers) once or twice a week, not once or twice a day. 
Tuesday, January 7, 2014

And The Best Diet Award Goes To......

The DASH Diet, according to U.S. News & World Report.

How the DASH Diet works
Courtesy NLHBI
In its fourth annual Best Diet rankings, U.S. News & World Report says the DASH Diet is a dashing success because it's healthy and helps prevent diabetes and heart disease.  Experts deemed Weight Watchers the best diet for weight loss and determined it's the easiest to follow as well as the best among all the "commercial plans".

A delicious Mediterranean Diet meal
The Mediterranean Diet, my personal favorite, earned top honors among Plant-Based Diets and tied for third overall behind DASH and TLC Diet

As for the most-Googled diet of 2013, the Paleo Diet?  It tied for last place with the Dukan Diet, the popular program offered by French doctor Pierre Dukan.  

What exactly is the DASH Diet? 
A day on DASH
Courtesy NHLBI
The goal of this plan is to lower blood pressure.  Based on the foods you consume, a nice side effect is weight loss.  The plan is lower in saturated fat, cholesterol and total fat.  

Here is a 64-page FREE PDF that explains the diet in-depth, offers an extensive meal plan and recipes by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute which helped develop the DASH Diet.   

In general you would eat the following: 

  • Fruits, vegetables as well as fat-free or low-fat dairy products. 
  • Whole grains, fish, poultry, beans, seeds and nuts. 
  • Little sweets, added sugars, sugary beverages and red meat. 
The DASH Diet Takeaway
It's a logical, plant-heavy eating plan that has you eating foods you know you're supposed to consume.  There's no secret.  It's good, solid common "eating" sense.  
Thursday, October 16, 2014

So Gradual Weight Loss Is No Better Than Crash Dieting?

How to lose weight and keep it off, diet news

A new Australian study publish in the The Lancet indicates that people who lose weight slowly are no more likely to keep weight off in the long run that those who crash diet.

I just want to scream "WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And here's the thing: those who crash diet and those who adopt the slow and steady approach are all likely to gain their weight back in the long run.

This after experts, for years, said that losing weight slowly is the way to go.

No wonder we're so screwed up when it comes to weight loss.

The Science
An Australian trial recruited 200 adults assigned to a crash diet or gradual weight loss program. The slow and steady group reduced their calorie intake by around 500 calories a day for 36 weeks. The crash dieters ate between 450 and 800 calories a day for just 12 weeks.

Researchers found that those who lost weight rapidly were likelier to reach their target weight. see the scale move, you get motivated. Read more here.

What I know
The contradictory findings when it comes to weight loss news is one of the most frustrating for anyone fighting the bulge battle or trying to maintain lifelong weight loss.

diet tips, fitness tips, healthy living tips
Me, circa 1999, close to 200 pounds
Here's the thing: do what works for you. I have lost more than 50 pounds on one occasion (in the early 2000's) and then lost the baby weight after having Jordan. Eating real food, mostly produce while truly savoring indulgent meals works for me. I never feel deprived. Ever.

There are times when restricting calories or doing a juice cleanse to jumpstart weight loss can be effective. It can serve as motivation to keep going. It has worked for me in the past.
mediterranean diet,

If you're looking for a true "diet" to follow, the Mediterranean Diet is outstanding. I also like the principles of the Greek Diet (essentially the Mediterranean) and the whole French Women Don't Get Fat thing.

At the end of the day, educate yourself and do what works for you. A common sense approach to weight loss and maintenance is truly the best way to go: eat real food, indulge occasionally, enjoy it and exercise regularly. It works.


What's the most frustrating thing for you when it comes to weight loss and diet news? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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I have been there....and am fighting to the good fight every day to avoid going back there.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

More Coffee & Eggs, Please! The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Explained

2015 Dietary Guidelines, Eggs are good for me, is coffee good for me
Eggs and coffee can be part of a healthy diet. Whoo-Hoo!
Coffee and eggs are hip. In a big, fat healthy way.

The U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services assemble experts every five years to study and recommend dietary guidelines. Why? Because it's a dynamic thing. Scientists and experts are continually studying and learning new data. New dietary guidelines will be released at the end of 2015 but preliminary recommendations were released on Thursday.

Among the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee's recommendations:
  • Eggs Are Ok - experts say that dietary cholesterol is "not considered a nutrient of concern for overconsumption". In English - don't be so worried about the cholesterol in egg yolks or shrimp, for that matter. 
  • Coffee Is Cool - between 3-5 cups of coffee per day can be a part of a healthy diet and can actually reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Don't add extra calories with tons of milk, cream or sugar. Out on coffee? Drink green tea. 
  • Watch Added Sugar - added sugar should be no more than 200 calories a day. Average Americans are getting about 268 calories from added sugar right now. These are completely empty calories.
  • While You're At It, Watch The Salt - stay under 2300 milligrams per day. This can add up quickly. 
  • Eat A Plant-Based Diet - duh. We know we need to do this. 

Read the full 571-page 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report HERE.

So much of what they are promoting is good, old-fashioned common sense: eat more produce and lean protein, enjoy saturated fats and sugar in moderation. The news on cholesterol in eggs is a reversal of what the government told us for years.

Sounds A Bit Like The Mediterranean Diet, Doesn't It? 
Their recommendations sound strikingly similar to the principles that make up the Mediterranean Diet which focuses on produce, lean protein (fish primarily), nuts, olive oil, wine and chocolate. Learn more about the Mediterranean approach to eating (and why it's my favorite) HERE.

Want Smart, Simple Diet Tips?
diet tips, diet secrets, simple diet tips, simple diet secrets, easy weight loss
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As always, take all this advice to heart but check with a trusted medical professional if you plan on making significant dietary changes.

Image via Justin Leibow
Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Best Diets Of 2015

DASH Diet Eating Plan, The DASH Diet
DASH Diet meal planner/Image via

When you're a former fat girl like me, you're always interested in diet news. U.S. News & World Report's diet rankings are out for 2015 and once again the DASH Diet tops the list. The DASH Diet which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, (Tweet this) was designed to combat high blood pressure but it gets high marks for its nutritional value and ability to prevent and/or control diabetes. Weight loss is a nice side effect.
Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Diets Tips That Actually Work

When In Doubt Workout Pillow, Motivation, exercise

After being skinny, gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight, having a kid, losing the baby weight and more, I feel like I'm a diet expert simply through practice.

After years of trying everything: Atkins, the Zone, the grapefruit diet, Cabbage Soup diet, I could go on. There are principles that I know work: eat well, eat real food, don't overindulge, exercise most days of the week.

There are certain "diet secrets" that work better than others, though. Putting down your fork after each bite, for example, is a gamechanger. I've featured them on the blog.

Fitsugar has a few more diet secrets that are truly effective:
  • Eat clean - no white food, refined carbs, sugar, alcohol, etc.
  • Don't diet - think of adopting an overall, longterm approach to eating, not a temporary "diet"
  • Do more cardio - ramp up the intensity to get that afterburn.
  • Drink more water - hydration is huge. Drink green tea, water with lemon or fruit added, any water-based drink without extra sweetener or calories added to it. 
  • Make calories in less than calories out - if you eat more than you burn, you will gain weight. I gained weight while training for marathons. Even though I was burning hundreds, sometimes thousands, of calories it didn't make up for the extra cookies I ate at lunch. 
  • Eliminate extras - all the little nibbles, sips and snacks add up. 
This is such a practical approach to maintaining your weight (notice I didn't say "diet). If you're looking for a particular dietary approach to follow, try the Mediterranean diet. It's simple, easy, delicious and calls for wine and chocolate. Win!

I love this Mediterranean Diet cookbook for recipe ideas.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Food As Medicine? It's Definitely a Form of Prevention.

"Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food." -Hippocrates.

From acai to mangosteen you have probably seen superfood claims.  The LA Times had an interesting examination in the theory of food as medicine recently.
Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mediterranean Diet Recipe: Halibut with Roasted Tomatoes and Balsamic Glaze

Now that we know the Mediterranean diet is quite possibly the best, tastiest and healthiest diet  ever, how about a recipe that you can master in all of about 20 minutes?
Saturday, January 9, 2021

5 Snacks To Curb Your Sugar Craving


This post is good for: 
  • Anyone looking for healthy snacks to stop sugar cravings
  • Anyone looking for healthy, sweet snacks
  • Anyone looking to avoid trips to the vending machine at the office
  • Anyone looking to keep blood sugar in check
Is sugar your kryptonite? It is mine. I could incorporate a pound of Swedish Fish, a bag of Reese's Mini Peanut Butter Cups and a few oatmeal raisin cookies into my daily diet and not blink an eye.
Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Weight Loss Guide: It's About Calorie Intake, Right? Sorta

It's simple: burn more calories than you consume.  This is a tried and true formula, yes?

Yes, but.....

Many times those calorie estimates are inaccurate.  You could also miscalculate the serving size you consume (I only had one handful of M&M's, okay three).   Basically calories in vs calories out is akin to being good on paper but bad in bed.
The Mayo Clinic has an OUTSTANDING website that tackles all sorts of health issues, including the calorie conundrum.  Read this excerpt from their Nutrition Wise blog in a post titled "Calories Reconsidered: Old Assumptions Questioned":
Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Diet Tricks You SHOULDN'T Do

There are all sorts of diet tricks out there.   I shared 25 of the best diet tricks of all time last year plus a few of my own faves:
  • Putting your fork down between bites.  It works, promise.
  • Leaving two bites on every plate when you dine in a restaurant.  Another winner.
What about so-called diet tricks that don't work?  The Huffington Post's Anna Almendrala offers "7 Diet Habits You Should Drop Now" and the suggestions are pretty logical:

  • Don't skip breakfast - good advice but if you're not hungry, don't stress over it.  Do what works for you.  I love breakfast.  If I'm not hungry, I will at least try to get something in my system like my green smoothie
  • Cutting out entire food groups - I mean really.  Who can live without bread or cheese fries the rest of their lives?  It's ridiculous.  It's about moderation and occasional indulgences. 
  • Filling up on diet soda drinks - this is a game changer.  From a pure hydration standpoint, you will feel so much better if you avoid diet soda (as well as regular) and quench your thirst with plain water, sparkling water, water infused with fresh fruit or cucumber slices or iced tea.  
  • Thinking about it as a "diet" in the first place - TRUTH!  
Your "diet" is your overall approach to eating.  If you think about a "quick fix" it won't work.  You will fall right back into those bad habits once your calorie-reduced diet ends.  Sure, you can jumpstart your weight loss by restricting calories and dropping a few pounds quickly but you must consider how you will MAINTAIN that weight loss once you resume "normal" eating.

The "Diet" That Works For Me
I've said it repeatedly and will say it again: that Mediterranean "diet" is the BOMB.  Fish, veggies, fruits, nuts, olive oil, feta cheese, red wine and chocolate.  There is nothing "diet" or restrictive about it.  It's abundant in its bounties.

The Great Green Smoothie Recipe
Looking for a great way to get some fruit and veggies in your system first thing in the morning?  Try my great green smoothie.  This one features Almond Breeze almond milk, a banana, frozen berries, spinach and chia seeds.

Kids love it, too.  You can hear my daughter, Jordan, saying "Yummy! Smoothie!" in this video.  Or at least a 2-year old's version of those words. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Diet or Exercise? What's More Effective When It Comes to Weight Loss?

Should I diet or exercise to lose weight?  Which one is more effective?

It's a constant discussion whether either you're trying to drop just a few pounds or 30.  Ultimately, it's a combination of the two that work.

But when trying to drop a large amount of weight the challenge can be daunting.  It's usually a basic premise of move more, eat less crap and more of the good, real stuff that works.

I am a big believer that 30 minutes of exercise a day will change your life.  Dramatically.  I also subscribe to the Mediterranean diet philosophy that focuses on produce, olive oil, fish and wine.   I lost 50+ pounds more than a decade ago and have kept it off even after having a baby.

Yet you see studies and those motivational pictures on Instagram that scream "A FLAT STOMACH STARTS IN THE KITCHEN" or "YOU CAN'T OUT-EXERCISE A BAD DIET."

All of that is true but nothing gives you the immediate satisfaction and endorphin rush of a nice, 30-minute workout to get the blood flowing.

A new study proves that.

It's a big, scientific-jargon-filled piece outlined in the October's Annals of Behavioral Medicine but the results are clear: it's best to diet and exercise at the same time but you might see results if you start with exercise first.  Once you see the benefit of a few weeks at the gym and you start seeing changes in your body, improving your diet might be the next natural step.

Just try moving for 30 minutes.  It will make you feel like a new person.  Promise.

Looking for some great exercise options?  Here are a few of my favorites:
  • Walking or running - being outside in the fresh air does WONDERS
  • Pilates - great for the core
  • A workout from the Nike Training Club app - they don't pay me to endorse's just that awesome
  • Hula hooping - it's like a natural corset for your core
  • My full-body toning routine that can be done anywhere and requires no equipment.  Perfect for the gym-averse.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Is Eating a Low-Fat Diet Making You Fat?

When it comes to dieting to lose weight, I believe you ultimately have to experiment to find what's right for you.  Not every diet works for every person. 
Remember these?
Trust me, when I was 50 pounds heavier, I tried the then-popular Atkins diet only feel lethargic, constipated (sorry) and just blech.  Following a fake-food, low-fat diet full of sugar made me hungrier for more crappy low-fat food.
Staples of the Mediterranean Diet
What Helped Me Drop 50 Pounds
Ultimately, no magic diet works for me.  I do enjoy the Mediterranean approach to eating but I try to eat real food, most of the time.  I focus on fruits, vegetables and avoid saturated fats.  I love fish, dark chocolate and wine.  I have a sweet tooth that I am always battling and I enjoy indulging in what I love.  I had my once-a-year basket of Snuffer's Cheese Fries  Sunday after the TX/OU game and loved every calorie of the fat-bomb without an ounce of guilt. 

There.  That's it.  

Snuffer's Cheese Fries

If I want to drop weight quickly or balance out an indulgent weekend, I might juice for a few days or live on watermelon and vegetables.  That is NOT a good way to sustain weight loss but it's a quick fix which I sometimes, yet rarely, incorporate into my regime.  

Does Low-Fat Make You Fat? 
There's an interesting article in Britain's Daily Mail that bucks the theory that all calories are created equal
Monday, March 2, 2015

A Brief History Of Fad Diets

fad diets, history of fad diets, paleo diet
Image via Wellcome Trust
Perhaps it's because I have a tried a slew of fad diets (and failed) but I love diets. I enjoyed learning the history of them, the science behind them, the failure rate behind them. You get the idea. There's even a fun, new book by New York magazine writer Rebecca Harrington chronicling her adventures in celebrity dieting titled "I'll Have What She's Having, My Adventures In Celebrity Dieting". This book is heaven for a diet lover like me.

The History Of Fad Diets
The LA Times had a great feature this weekend on the history of fad diets, starting all the way back in 1825 when French gastronome Jean Brillat-Savarin introduced a low-carb regime called "The Physiology of Taste".

Since then fad diets have included eating all caribou and whale blubber (GAG), bananas and skim milk, food combining, the grapefruit diet and the Drinking Man's Diet (which is exactly what you think it is). They also include more popular ones like the Paleo Diet, the South Beach Diet and the Zone Diet.

The thing is that many of these so-called "fad diets" don't work because it's almost impossible to adopt these habits permanently. Think about it: can you eat only grapefruit forever? Or caribou? Can you go Paleo in perpetuity? Probably not.

You can do almost anything for a few days. That's why many of these fad diets take off initially. You drop a few pounds at the start and start feeling like a million bucks.

Then, reality sets in and you realize you can't eat only skim milk and bananas or diet bars or cabbage soup for the rest of your life. That's why "diets" don't work. 

If you read this blog, you know how I feel about dieting: eat well, mostly real food (produce and lean meats), get moving most days of the week and enjoy it. That's a recipe for success. As for dietary approaches, I love the Mediterranean philosophy which emphasizes plant-based food, replaces butter with healthy fats like olive oil, uses herbs and spices to flavor foods, limits red meat, advocated red wine and dark chocolate in moderation.

Your Fad Diet Experiments
Have you experimented with fad diets? I would love to learn about your crazy diet experiences, what worked and what didn't. Please share your diet disasters and success stories in the comments section. Don't worry. This is a judgement-free zone.

When I was fat, I tried the Zone & Atkins (hated them both).  It wasn't until I made permanent changes, like closing the kitchen after dinner, that I experienced real weight loss. Want to learn how I did it? Get my free guide "The 10 Easiest Diet Tips: Simple Secrets To Help You Lose Weight & Maintain Your Weight Loss For Good". It's yours when you sign up for the The Real Skinny, my weekly newsletter that features simple diet and fitness tips designed for busy people who live in the real world, not fantasy-diet-land.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Closer Look at The Parisian Diet

Eat sumptuous food and lose weight? On The Parisian Diet you can do it.

La Duree
Parisian Diet mastermind Dr. Jean Michel-Cohen is a popular French nutrition expert. He released a cookbook Light French Recipes: A Parisian Diet Cookbook here in May.  There are three phases to the diet:
  • The Cafe Phase - a kickstart, lasting 8-10 days which includes plenty of liquids
  • The Bistro Phase - a 2-3 week period in which you consume fiber and protein-rich meals
  • The Gourmet Phase - the longterm phase you maintain until you reach your ideal weight. 
The main tenets of his diet are simple:
  • Quality, not quantity - meaning smaller portions of food.  No supersizing.
  • Savor your food and avoid mindless eating.  A meal is a ritual in which to celebrate, not chow down at your desk.  I have a bad habit of doing this. 
  • Don't deprive - skip a salad if you don't love it!  Instead eat a smaller portion of something you love rather than a large salad you'll hate consuming. 
It's somewhat along the lines of Mireille Guiliano's French Women Don't Get Fat.

I tend to lose weight when I visit France (and any other foreign country, for that matter).  But what's interesting when I visit France is that I indulge.  Granted, we usually walk about five or more miles a day but there isn't one bit of restraint.  We eat cheese, drink wine, eat desserts, macarons and sumptuous, multi-course meals.   Here's the thing: the portions are small and the ingredients are fresh.

Here is a typical Parisian vacation diet, in pictures.


I visited Eric Kayser every morning to pick up pastries. 
This was my daily breakfast which is a departure from my normal routine of a green smoothie, oatmeal or toast and peanut butter.  We would get four pastries: one for me, my husband, my daughter and one to share.  Notice how these aren't huge.


Lunch at Ma Cocotte
This was a normal lunch.  We would usually also have salad and dessert....and a few more glasses of wine.

The final meal of the day was either one of two things: a blowout dinner or not much at all.

Dinner at Maxim's

Dessert at Maxim's

Treating my daughter like a queen! 
We celebrated my birthday in 2013 at Maxim's at around 10pm one evening.  Sure it's touristy but it was a wonderful experience.

Crepes, cheese, champagne and fruit for dinner
On other nights, after having a large lunch we would eat a smaller dinner featuring what you see above.  The thing about dinners in Paris is that there is no late night snacking, something I struggle with at home.  Once the kitchen is closed, it's closed.  No more food after dinner.

The ubiquitous bottle of wine
We had wine at almost every meal.  Generally a bottle split between the two of us.

Oreos! Mon dieu!
Don't think the French are perfect.  Look what I found at the grocery store...processed food!

The Takeaway 
The Parisian Diet isn't a new concept.  It's one that most nutrition experts advocate: eat real food, smaller portions of it, be mindful when you eat and enjoy your food.

Whether in Paris or not, that's something most of us can do every day.

What foreign eating principles do you like? I love the Mediterranean approach to eating. Please share your favorite foreign diet concept in the comments section.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Monday Motivation: Ditch the Junk Food & Adopt the Paris Diet

I hope you had a great weekend.  I hope you have an even greater week.

If you haven't heard, I'm trying to stick to an editorial calendar.  By going public with it, I'm hoping it has that "hold me accountable" effect.

From junk food truly jacking with your system to Parisian diet recipes (yes, please), here are some things I hope will help get you through the week:

Exercise Helps You Live Longer

There is no reason not to exercise.  Really.  Now there is solid proof it helps you live longer.  You CAN find the time to exercise for 30 minutes a day, even if it's just walking, dancing or hula hooping.  Do it.  Stop making excuses.

Junk Sucks
So junk food makes you lazy.  I could have told you that!  When I was 200 pounds and lived on M&M's & Diet Mountain Dew, I was always tired.  Now, here's science to support that.

Light French Recipes

Light French Recipes: A Parisian Diet Cookbook
Light French Recipes: A Parisian Diet Cookbook
Okay, I am ALL in on this....a LIGHT French recipe book: Light French Recipes: A Parisian Diet Cookbook. (Available May 13th.  Pre-order it here.)  Yes!

One can argue that those who love the Mediterranean side of France don't need this.  True.  For those of you who love northern French fare and are looking to lighten it, this is a Godsend.  To learn more about dieting with Parisian chic, check out Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen's other book, The Parisian Diet.  This book isn't about deprivation.  It's about delighting in food that's so beautifully prepared and of such high quality that you won't crave crap (like M&M's & Diet Mountain Dew).  Details on this and my other favorite French books below.

The Takeaway

Whatever you're planning right now, stop talking about it.  Start doing it.  Or at least start putting the ball in motion to begin your next big endeavor.  You'll feel better about being productive.  Promise.

Have a great week!

Buy The Parisian Diet & My Fave French Books Here:  

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to Win the Weight Loss Game by Focusing on What You CAN Eat vs What You Can't

A debate with a friend turned heated recently.  He is trying to lose weight and get in "fighting shape".  He is incorporating a low calorie weight loss plan that is, frankly, bland and boring.  He also laments the fact that he can't have beer, breads, ice cream, the chips he loves, blah blah blah blah. 

Ice cream chocolate chip sandwich/Courtesy: Bon Appetite
I countered with two points: First, you CAN have those things once in a while as a part of a well-balanced diet.  He thought he had to eliminate them completely.  Wrong.  Think once a week, not twice a day.

Then I presented him with this: "look at the great food you CAN have.  Think fish, chicken, lean steak, sweet potatoes, greens of all sorts, peppers, fresh berries, red wine (HELLO), dark chocolate, blah blah blah blah." 

He couldn't get over the fact that he CAN'T have certain food items.  I maintain that if you focus on what you CAN have while you're trying to drop weight or stay within a healthy range, it will make the sometimes taxing mental process of trying to win the weight loss game more bearable.

Does this sound familiar: "Crap, no 4pm cookie, no afterwork beers, no pretzels during the Rangers game!  This sucks!!!!"

Yeah, it does suck.  The thought of what you can't consume can consume you so much so that you end stuffing your face with all the stuff you swore off eating.

The best, healthiest smoothie ever.
Instead, approach your day this way:
That's not some pollyanna way of thinking.  It works.  Succeeding at eating a healthy diet is as much about mental execution as it is the physical.  We know the right foods to eat.  It's just hard to do it.  Get your mind focused on what you CAN eat instead of what you CAN'T and you WILL succeed.


Looking for a great way to eat a bounty of fresh produce, wine, chocolate, nuts and more, try the Mediterranean "diet".  I hate using the word "diet" because it's much more of an approach to eating that is wonderfully balanced and so inclusive you won't feel like you're depriving yourself of anything.